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encoding tools for Bookhands fonts.
Multilingual support for , Lua, XeLaTeX, and Plain .
Support for Albanian within babel.
Support for Azerbaijani within babel.
Support for Bahasa within babel.
Babel contributed support for Basque.
Babel support for Belarusian.
Babel contrib support for Bosnian.
Babel contributed support for Breton.
Babel contributed support for Bulgarian.
Babel contributed support for Catalan.
Contributed language-support files for Babel.
Babel contributed support for Croatian.
Babel support for Czech.
Babel contributed support for Danish.
Babel contributed support for Dutch.
Babel support for English.
Babel support for Esperanto.
Babel support for Estonian.
Babel support for Finnish.
Babel contributed support for French.
Babel/Polyglossia support for Friulan(Furlan).
Babel/Polyglossia support for Galician.
Babel support for Georgian.
Babel support for documents written in German.
Babel support for the Greek language and script.
Babel support for Hebrew.
Babel support for Hungarian (Magyar).
Babel support for Icelandic.
Support for Indonesian within babel.
Babel support for Interlingua.
Babel support for Irish.
Babel support for Italian text.
Babel support for Japanese.
Babel support for Kurmanji.
Babel support for Latin.
Babel support for Latvian.
Babel support for documents written in Lithuanian.
Babel module to support Macedonian Cyrillic.
Support for Malay within babel.
Babel support for Norwegian.
Babel support for Occitan.
Babel support for Piedmontese.
Babel support for Polish.
Babel support for Portuges.
Babel support for Romanian.
Babel/Polyglossia support for the Romansh language.
Russian language module for Babel.
Babel support for Samin.
Babel support for Scottish Gaelic.
Babel/Polyglossia support for Serbian.
Babel module to support Serbian Cyrillic.
Babel support for typesetting Slovak.
Babel support for typesetting Slovenian.
Babel support for Upper and Lower Sorbian.
Simplified Spanish support for Babel.
Babel support for Spanish.
Babel support for typesetting Swedish.
Support for Thai within babel.
Babel support for Turkish documents.
Babel support for Ukrainian.
Babel support for typesetting Vietnamese.
Babel support for Welsh.
Multilingual bibliographies.
Tools for dealing with Babel annoyances.
Typeset Babylonian numerals with .
Mark text with grey background or change bar.
Placement of background material on pages of a document.
Typeset Backus Naur Form definitions.
Make hyper-references back from bibliography to citation.
Bibliographical back referencing.
Print badge labels.
Baekmuk Korean TrueType fonts.
Support for typesetting bagpipe music.
Hyphenation for Basque.
A distribution for MS-Windows VISTA/XP/2000.
Computer Modern and AMS fonts in outline form.
BaKoMa modules for music and games.
A BaKoMa system for the Macintosh.
Balanced two-column mode.
Balance double-column sections in .
Code balanced quotes according to document language.
A comprehensive Bangla package.
Typeset a thesis at Bangor University.
Typeset an examination at Bangor University.
Writing Bangla and Assamese with .
A class for bank statements based on csv data.
A patched version of bar.sty.
Fonts for making barcodes.
A font for making barcodes.
Celtic bardic runes font.
Hyphenation and babel support for Bardi.
package for drawing bar diagrams.
Create bar graphs using form fields and JavaScript.
A package for bar charts in .
Draw barcodes with Lua.
A set of fonts supporting chess diagrams.
Definitive source of Plain on CTAN.
Invoke bash commands from within .
Bashkirian extension to OT2 fonts.
Macros for typesetting basic arithmetic.
An introduction to , in Russian.
The Live Mac distribution.
A BASIC interpreter written in .
Baskervald ADF fonts collection with / support.
Extension and modification of BaskervaldADF with support.
Fry’s Baskerville look-alike, with math support.
Class for book-type documents written in Basque.
Print the date in Basque.
Harvard referencing style as recommended by the University of Bath Library.
A style file for typesetting Battleship logic puzzles.
Trees, using PiCTeX.
Bullshit bingo, calendar and baseball-score cards.
A symbol (dingbat) font and macros for its use.
Calculate and print bounding box.
Convert a .bbl file to formatted html code.
"Blackboard-style" cm fonts.
support for "blackboard-style" cm fonts.
Sans serif blackboard bold.
An Adobe Type 1 format version of the bbold font.
Extension of the bbold package with a Blackboard Bold alphabet.
Bibliography style for Behavioral and Brain Sciences.
Draw simple bar charts in .
Creating colourful boxes with logos.
Typeset correspondence chess games.
A class for producing presentations and slides.
Beamer, using the style of FU Berlin.
Right to left presentation with beamer and babel.
An introduction to the Beamer class, in Portuguese.
A theme for the beamer class.
Thesis presentations using beamer.
Create notes on appendix frames in beamer.
Assembling beamer frames according to audience.
Supplementary outer and inner themes for beamer.
A flexible beamer color theme to maximize visibility.
Dark color themes for beamer.
Extend beamer and a0poster for custom sized posters.
Reorder frames in the PDF file.
Convenient mode selection in Beamer documents.
Simple, typographic beamer theme.
A beamer theme with 4 colour palettes.
A beamer theme designed for use in the University of Leeds.
A simple and clean theme for beamer class.
A minimalist presentation theme for Beamer.
A minimal beamer style.
A modern beamer theme.
A collection of beamer themes.
A simple beamer theme.
A minimalistic presentation theme for Beamer.
A beamer colour theme which alternates theme colours on every frame.
A beamer theme that incorporates colours and fonts of Saint Petersburg State University.
Template for a simple presentation.
A simple and clean theme for beamer.
A beamer inner theme which reproduces standard beamer blocks using tcolorboxes.
A modern, elegant, and versatile theme for Beamer.
Beamer themes for Boston College and the University of Pennsylvania.
A new modern beamer theme.
A collection of flat beamer themes.
Contributed beamer theme.
A beamer theme for LALIC.
A Beamer theme for academic presentations.
A simple beamer theme using the “Nord” color theme.
A beamer theme for Texas A&M University.
Shirts to dress TikZbears.
Write your books in a colorful way.
A beautiful book template for maths and science.
A package designed to meet the publication of books and the production of templates, with elegant chapter.
A modular collection of DVI processors.
Greek environment to be used with pdf only.
A beginner's guide to .
Typeset Begriffschrift.
Support for submissions to the “Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology”.
Typeset Belgian letters.
Free replacement for basic MathTime fonts.
Outline scheme for form letter production.
Bengali in Velthuis transliteration or in UTF-8.
Support for the Bengali language.
Bera fonts.
Berenis ADF fonts and / support.
Bibliographies suitable for British Ecological Society journals.
A package to produce lists of authors’ best papers.
Insert ancient greek text coded in Beta Code.
Use Concrete fonts.
The script of the Beuronese art school.
Typesetting job applications.
Support for Bezier curves.
Approximate smooth function graphs with cubic bezier splines for use with TikZ or .
Corporate Design for Bern University of Applied Sciences.
Generate bold symbols in Plain mathematics.
Annotate backgammon matches and positions.
Hyphenation patterns for Bulgarian.
Using Beccari’s fonts in betacode for classical Greek.
Class for producing books for the publisher “Teubner Verlag”.
Improved quantifier stroke for Begriffsschrift packages.
An exam class for mathematics teachers in China.
French translation of classical styles.
A style for Greek documents.
Generate a DVI file from a Bibliography file.
Command line application to convert .bib files to glossaries-extra.sty resource files.
to HTML/SQL/XML translator.
Convert Files into XHTML.
“Arts”-style bibliographical information.
A bibliography builder for FileMaker Pro 7.
An XView based interface for databases.
Check on references to items in thebibliography.
A prettyprinter, verifier, etc.
Style checker for .bib files.
bibliography manager for MS-Windows and MS-DOS.
Full bibliography entries in the main text of a document.
A replacement for users of Bib.
Biber binaries for Cygwin on Windows.
Biber binaries for FreeBSD.
Biber binaries for Linux.
Biber binaries for Linux_aarch64.
Biber binaries for Linux-MUSL.
Biber binaries for MacOS.
A replacement for users of Bib (multiscript version).
Biber (multiscript) binaries for Linux.
Biber (multiscript) binaries for MacOS.
Biber (multiscript) binaries for Windows.
Biber binaries for Solaris.
Biber binaries for Windows.
Automatic extraction of references from databases.
Extract a file based on a .aux file.
Utilities to extract data.
Puts .bib file page ranges into uniform format.
A free bibliographic manager for Bib.
Prints entries in your bib file that match search string.
support for HTML files.
Index files for fast searching.
Sophisticated Bibliographies in .
Bib style for Brazil's ABNT rules.
Bib style for the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics.
A tool to manage anonymous work with Bib.
Bib citation and reference style for APA.
Bib citation and reference style for APA 6th Edition.
A collection of Bib styles for German prehistory.
Bib citation style covers the citation and bibliography guidelines for art historians.
Author-year style with compact multiple-reference-citations and ibidem mechanism for Bib.
Harvard referencing style as recommended by the University of Bath Library.
Manage book edited in article.
Manage book edited in other entry type.
Bib citations for FU Berlin.
A simple citation style for Chinese users.
Bib/Biber ‘cheat sheet’.
A set of Bib implementations of chemistry-related bibliography styles.
Chicago style files for Bib.
A tool to manage claves of old litterature with Bib.
Create a CV from files.
Humanities styles for Bib.
Bib style for the École nationale des chartes (Paris).
Extended Bib standard styles.
Bib styles for use in German humanities.
A Bib implementation of the GBT7714-2015 bibliography style for Chinese users.
Comprehensive citation style for German legal texts.
Bib support for GOST standard bibliographies.
A Bib style.
IEEE style files for Bib.
Bib style for the International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology.
Bib style for ISO 690 standard.
Bib stylefiles for German legal literature.
Citation style for the German legal profession.
Bib stylefiles for German law theses.
Add license data to the bibliography.
Bib style for Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science.
LNI style for Bib.
Bib styles for social sciences.
Manage classical manuscripts with Bib.
MLA style files for Bib.
New names for standard Bib entry type.
Sophisticated Bibliographies in (multiscript version).
Load multiple datamodels in Bib.
A Bib style for citations in musuos.cls.
Bib support for Nature.
Bib style for the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).
Citation style for the University of Nottingham.
Use op. cit. for the booktitle of a subentry.
Bib styles inspired by the Oxford Guide to Style.
Styles for using Bib for work in philosophy.
A Bib implementation of the AIP and APS bibliography style.
Bib bibliography support for publication lists.
Read a .bbl file created by biber.
Indicate the real author of a work.
Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) style files for Bib.
Bib implementation of the Science bibliography style.
Use short forms of fields with Bib.
Bib-style for the social sciences at HU Berlin.
Bib stylefiles for software products.
References by “division” in classical sources.
A Bib style emulating Springer’s old spbasic.bst.
Manages subseries with Bib.
Bibliography and citation styles following Swiss legal practice.
“Traditional” styles with Bib.
Correction of some limitation of the citepages=omit option of Bib styles.
Bib implementation of the unified stylesheet for linguistics journals.
Vancouver style for Bib.
Convert Bib-generated bibliography to bibitems.
A library editor.
Format bible citations.
French translations for bibleref.
German adaptation of bibleref.
Bible references, including those to the scriptures of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Consistent formatting of Bible references.
Specify Bible passages in human-readable format.
Insert Bible passages by their reference.
A collection of bibliographies.
System for maintaining and presenting bibliographies.
Print a database.
Fast searching of files.
CGI interface to files.
Tighter tolerances for bibliographies.
Simple macros for using with Plain .
Sort a bibliography file.
Process bibliographies (bib files) for or other formats.
A simple interactive script to generate Files.
Examples of usage.
VMS help file for .
testing files.
A fully 8-bit adaptation of 0.99.
A fully 8-bit adaptation of 0.99.
Manipulate database files.
Perl Libraries.
An adaptation of 0.99 that supports Unicode via ICU.
A tool for manipulating files.
Bib management tools.
Include multiple bibliographies in a document.
Prefix references to bibliographies produced by bibtopic.
Multiple bibliographies in one document.
A collection of bibliography format convertors.
View files.
A visual manager for files.
Automatically retrieve bibliography from MathSciNet.
Support for bilingual captions.
Virtual fonts for Adobe Bickham Script Pro.
Bidirectional typesetting in plain and , using .
Bidi-aware shipout macros.
Bidi-aware coloured contour around text.
Experimental bidi-aware text highlighting.
Bidi-aware page grid in background.
Experimental bidi presentation.
Bidi-aware shadow text.
Convert BIDS returns to .
Big delimiters in tabular or array.
Footnotes for critical editions.
Integer calculations on very large numbers.
Writing big integrals.
Making "big signs" (mini-posters).
Struts for opening up tabular spacing.
Multi-page tables in Plain .
Tabulars that can split at page boundaries.
Underlined page headings.
Typeset two columns in parallel.
Drawing binary trees using TikZ.
Convert numbers into binary, octal and hexadecimal.
Calculate Pascal's triangle.
Colors used to display amino acids, nucleotides, sugars or atoms in biochemistry.
Typesetting biological species names.
Flexible identification key tables in .
A style for the journal “Biology Letters”.
(pdf) support for the Biolinum family of fonts.
List observed species.
Style for Birkhaeuser books, conference proceedings, etc.
Convert bitmaps to "sprites".
Split list, in ’s mouth.
Draw bit field data structure diagrams (obsolete).
Templates for the Beijing Institute of Technology.
Typeset bit pattern diagrams.
Sub-document environments in .
Handle bit-vector datatype.
Support for use of Bitstream fonts.
The Bitter family of fonts with support.
Typeset business cards.
A thesis class for Beijing Forestry University.
Comparison of blackboard bold fonts.
A blackletter font.
T1-encoded versions of Haralambous old German fonts.
Macros for "fill in the blanks" forms.
Producing 'blind' text for testing.
Extended array and tabular.
Block-element hooks in .
Draw pseudo-3D diagrams of Bloch spheres.
A block letter style for the letter class.
Block diagrams and bond graphs, with .
A basic Lua OpenType handler.
Generate control diagrams.
Upscale or downscale all pages of a document.
Draw block diagrams, using TikZ.
A document preparation system.
Access bold symbols in maths mode.
Convert bitmaps to PK fonts.
Convert a bitmap image to code.
Converter from PNG/JPEG/Tgb81AIFF/NetPBM to EPS.
Convert bitmap files to PS/EPS/PDF.
Extract size and resolution data from bitmap files.
A class for Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
A class for IU8 reports.
Plain macros for BNF grammars.
Extends ’s \numexpr...\relax construct to big integers.
Draw Bode, Nyquist and Black plots with gnuplot and TikZ.
Draw Bode, Nyquist and Nichols plots with gnuplot or pgfplots.
Simple atom representation according to the Bohr model.
A font inspired by Baskerville design.
Boxes that may break across pages.
Use bold small caps and typewriter fonts.
Heavier lines in tables.
Bold latin and greek characters through simple prefix characters.
Create bond graph figures in documents.
Draws bond graphs in , using PGF/TikZ.
A class for typesetting books.
A collection of examples from published -related books.
Typeset in the style of “Book of Common Prayer”.
A class for book covers and dust jackets.
A style file for cataloguing a home library.
Extended book class.
2.08 style for MIL STD 490 documents.
A collection of book-hand fonts.
Aids for printing simple booklets.
A new bookmark (outline) organization for hyperref.
Create a nice image from a file.
Publication quality tables in .
German version of booktabs.
French translation of booktabs documentation.
A boolean expression evaluator and a switch command.
Mathematical alphabets derived from the STIX fonts.
Provides an At-Begin-Page hook.
Diagram macros by François Borceux.
Draw a black border around a Plain page.
A collection of packages by Francesco Bosisio.
Import graphics into Macintosh .
Incorporate EPS files into documents.
Framed minipages of a specified total width (text and frame combined).
Framed minipages of a specified total width (text and frame combined).
Flexible Captioning and Deferred Box/List Printing.
Draw a box around a text.
An environment for boxing things.
Typeset chemical names, formulae, etc.
Drawing polynomial functions of up to order 3.
A Class for Typesetting Brazilian legal texts.
Produce bracketed identification keys.
Draw braid diagrams with PGF/TikZ.
Support for braille.
Dirac bra-ket and set notations.
Class for Brandeis University dissertations.
Document class for COSI Problem sets at Brandeis University (Waltham, MA).
A class for Brandeis University M.A. theses.
Support 16-bit (double) calculations in .
Ensure that multiple citations may break at line end.
Line-breakable \url-like links in hyperref when compiling via dvips/ps2pdf.
A Polish version of “lorem ipsum…” in the form of a package.
Automatic line breaking of displayed equations.
Typesetting bridge diagrams.
Plain macros for writing about bridge.
support for the brief editor.
support for the brief editor.
Simplified brackets and differentials in .
A handwriting script font.
Access bold computer modern sans in 2.09.
Double-ruled chapter heading style.
Access bold computer modern slanted in 2.09.
Convert a tures working file to DVI.
Bordered tables.
Perl library for parsing and processing files.
Bubble sorts a list.
Beijing University of Chemical Technology Thesis Template.
Display list item counter as regular pattern of bullets.
Bundle together all the files needed to build a document.
Basic Support for Writing Burmese.
A document style for business cards.
Markup for the journal Business Research.
Business cards with QR-Code.
Proof trees in the style of the sequent calculus.
Extra commands for bussproofs.sty.
BX bundle base components.
Extend the functionality of the calc package.
Typeset Japanese with pdf and CJK.
Dvipdfmx extras for use with beamer.
Enables specifying a driver option effective only in DVI output.
Eepic facilities using pict2e.
Enclose the document body with some pieces of code.
Ghost insertion for proper xkanjiskip.
Support for Japanese holidays.
Dummy text in Japanese.
Adjust the position of parentheses at paragraph head.
Convert Japanese character code to Unicode.
Japanese document class collection for all major engines.
Enhanced \newfont command.
To retain the original caption names when using Babel.
Synchronize output paper size with layout paper size.
Specify version and compression level of output PDF files.
Additional -family logos.
Convert dates from Gregorian to Japanese calender.
“Build Your Own Twemojis” with TikZ.
This package provides a set of tools to typeset geometric proofs in the style of Oliver Byrne's 1847 ed. of Euclid's "Elements".
Create illustrations for network protocol specifications.
Facilitates writing byzantinemusic.
Byzantine Music Font.
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