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Letter document class.
A class to typeset La Gaceta de la RSME.
Hyphenation patterns for the Irish language.
Typeset Galois connections.
Typeset gamebooks and other interactive novels.
Macros for setting numbered entries in shuffled order.
Template for the GAMM Archive for Students.
Gandhi Serif and Sans fonts, with support.
Generate picture environments from PostScript output of drawing programs.
The Garamond Libre font face.
An OTF math font matching EB Garamond.
‘Expert’-like extensions to URW Garamond, and maths italic.
macros for the reproduction of Garrigues' Easter nomogram.
Graphs and Automata Simplified in .
Georgia Institute of Technology thesis class.
Support for writing modular and customisable code.
A crossover of align* and enumerate.
A package for Gaussian operations.
Linguistic tools.
A front end for the gbrief package.
implementation of China’s bibliography style standard GB/T 7714-2015.
Arrange text on a sheet to fold into a greeting card.
Typeset guitar chords.
Citations in a reader-friendly style.
Kanbun typesetting for (u)p and Lua.
support for the Gelasio family of fonts.
-like markup for writing XML documents.
Genealogy symbols.
Gender neutrality for languages with grammatical gender.
Typeset logic formulae, etc.
A compilation genealogy font.
Genealogical profiles for .
Pedigree and genealogical tree diagrams.
Run to produce the bitmap fonts.
Alternative index series.
Generalization of 's minipages.
Generic symbols for both text and math mode.
Python helper for creating tables.
Gentium fonts (in two formats) and support files.
Gentium font and support files.
Gentium fonts (in two formats) and support files.
Modern Greek translation of the Gentle Introduction to .
A Gentle Introduction to .
Generate Japanese-style crop marks.
Flexible and complete interface to document dimensions.
German documentation for the geometry package.
Macros used in typesetting a geometry book.
Articles for the journal Geophysics.
Support for typesetting in Georgian.
A Georgian font.
Document class for the Cahiers du GERAD series.
Support for German typography.
German variants of standard styles.
A collection of documentation available in German.
Change kerning for German quotation marks.
Bib style for historians.
A flexible list-parsing macro with configurable parsing character.
Find the date of last modification of a file.
Gathering items from a list-like environment.
Download OpenStreetMap maps for use in documents.
Define macros with sophisticated options.
style to sort by "journal" entries of references.
Clean up title references.
Support for using GFDL in .
Typeset Gottlob Frege's notation in plain .
The GFS font collection.
A modern Greek font design.
A Greek font, from one such by Baskerville.
A Greek and Latin font based on Bodoni.
A Greek font with a long history.
A font in the Neo-Hellenic style.
A Greek font, originally from Porson.
A Greek-alphabet font.
A Greek font based on Didot’s work.
The classic version of GFSDidot.
A math font in the Neo-Hellenic style.
Typeset ghab boxes in .
Freely available PostScript interpreter.
Globally harmonised system of chemical (etc) naming.
German hyphenation patterns for traditional orthography.
Alternative unslanted italic Computer Modern fonts.
Gillius fonts with support.
Include files as graphics (.tex support for \includegraphics).
Formatting indexes.
Modification of inputenc for German.
Call latexdiff on two Git revisions of a file.
Get git metadata for a specific file.
Access metadata from the git distributed version control system.
Display git project information in your projects.
Access metadata from the git distributed version control system.
Typesetting git changelogs.
Include Git information in the document as watermark or via variables.
Get the current git hash of a project and typeset it in the document.
The macros used in "Concrete Mathematics".
Linguistic trees with a preprocessor.
equations in HTML.
Tutorial from a DANTE meeting in November 1997.
Hyphenation patterns for Galician.
Declare global variables.
Virtual fonts for T2A-encoded fonts.
Mathematical nomenclature tools based on the glossaries package.
Create glossaries using .
Polyglossia support for Occitan.
Create glossaries and lists of acronyms.
Accessibility support for glossaries.
Danish language module for glossaries package.
Dutch language module for glossaries package.
English language module for glossaries package.
Estonian language module for glossaries package.
An extension to the glossaries package.
Finnish language module for glossaries package.
French language module for glossaries package.
German language module for glossaries package.
Irish language module for glossaries package.
Italian language module for glossaries package.
Magyar language module for glossaries package.
Norsk Bokmål language module for the glossaries Package.
Nynorsk language module for the glossaries package.
Polish language module for glossaries package.
Portuges language module for glossaries package.
Serbian language module for glossaries package.
Slovene language module for glossaries package.
Spanish language module for glossaries package.
Swedish language module for glossaries package.
Create a glossary.
Prepare glossaries in .
A glossary processor.
Documentation of packages.
Some enhancements to the gmdoc package.
Change page size wherever it's safe.
Simplify usage of \hypertarget and \hyperlink.
Enable integration between pictures and .
Support macros for other packages.
A variant of \verb, verbatim and shortvrb.
A package for typesetting (short) poems.
German hyphenation patterns for traditional orthography.
A Unicode font, with rather wide coverage.
General purpose plotting program.
Embed Gnuplot commands in documents.
Fonts and macros for typesetting go games.
A make variant for documents.
More gobble macros for Plain and .
Tolkien's goblin alphabet.
GoSans and GoMono fonts with support.
styles to format according to GOST.
A collection of old German-style fonts.
An implementation of the Gotoh sequence alignment algorithm.
Cause graph package to ignore '#'-comments.
CGM-based graphics support.
Read an argument into a box and execute the code afterwards.
Gradient backgrounds for dvips output.
Decorate text with linear gradient colors.
Simple gradient frames around objects.
Typeset grading schemes in tabular format.
A generic template for graduate student resumes.
Draw Grafcet/SFC with TikZ.
EPS graphics under Windows.
Classes for formatting federal grant proposals.
Draw keys and screen items of several Casio calculators.
A platform for combinatorial algorithms.
Extend graphicx to improve placement of graphics.
Convert graph files to PSTricks.
Create graphs, state machine and data flow diagrams.
Simpler graphic, subfigure and float.
An enhanced version of graphics.
Standard graphics.
Sample configuration files for color and graphics.
Colour and graphics option files.
-style graphics for Plain users.
Cache includegraphics calls.
Enhanced support for graphics.
Reduce size of PostScript files by not repeating images.
Insert a graphical image as a background.
Adobe Photoshop Data format (PSD) support for graphicx package.
An extension of the graphicx package.
For producing graph paper.
A class to generate several types of graph papers.
Graphs theory and related diagrams in a document.
Write graphviz (dot+neato) inline in documents.
Fonts for gray-scales.
Produce ‘gray hints’ to a variable text field.
Hyphenation for classical Greek, under .
LICR macros and encoding definition files for Greek.
Greek encoding support for inputenc.
Makeindex working with Greek.
A Greek font from 394BC.
A Greek font from the sixth century BC.
Represent counters by letters of the Greek alphabet.
Provides ancient Greek day and month names, dates, etc.
Overview of systems, packages, and fonts for Greek .
Fonts for typesetting Greek/English documents.
font definition files for Greek.
Facilitates writing/editing of multiaccented greek.
The Green Point logo.
Engraving Gregorian Chant scores.
Manipulate the graphics package's list of extensions.
Extended file name support for graphics (legacy package).
standard graphics and color packages documentation.
Include fragments of a dvi file.
Grid typesetting in .
Page organisation, modelled on CSS facilities.
Graph paper backgrounds and color schemes.
Grid, a.k.a. in-register, setting.
Free form slides with blocks placed on a grid.
Install Greek Type 1 fonts.
Ancient Greek (Athenian) numbers.
Typeset Greek text with Times New Roman Greek.
Typeset Frege’s Grundgesetze der Arithmetik.
Typesetting Greek verbatim.
Typeset EAN barcodes using rules, only.
Geneva School of Economics and Management PhD thesis format.
Convert "Ghostscript fonts" to PK files.
View PostScript under MS-Windows or OS/2.
A Gnome assistant to ease the writing of letters.
Manipulating generalized token lists.
Add chords to lyrics.
Library for genealogytree aiming at large trees.
Typeset crystallographic group-subgroup-schemes.
Guarani support.
The Gudea font face with support for and pdf.
Guia casi completa de .
A french guide on – for beginners or advanced users.
Introduzione al mondo di .
Guitar chords and song texts.
Guitar Chord and Scale Tablatures.
A class for drawing guitar tablatures easily.
Beamer-based class for GuIT presentations.
Macros for typesetting the GuIT logo.
Support for Gurmukhi.
Support for Gurmukhi in .
Typeset Generic Universal Role Playing System (GURPS) materials.
French Users Group information.
An X front end for Ghostscript.
A patch to gv to save positions.
Bundle of classes for “La Gazette des Mathématiciens”.
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