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jessica adams, 2022-01-22 01:06 CET

Get up to $10,000

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George Kurt, 2022-01-17 12:36 CET


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EVALELE, 2022-01-09 10:23 CET

BITCOIN investment

Investing with Jose Gonzales has been the greatest thing that ever happened to me,, I so much appreciate him for his handwork over the investors for granting us the opportunity to earn income weekly through their Investment platform I invested $450 about 7 days ago i just received $4500 profit congratulations to me because I am happy I am putting more I can't say less about this platform they have been so amazing. If you want to start making profit on bitcoin investment today Jose gonzales is all you need contact on email: josegonzales87958@gmail.com or contact on Whats-app: +1(201)293-7434
Magarita Miguel, 2022-01-06 13:14 CET

How I got my ex back

Many people have written articles about how they were helped but I am very grateful to this great man who brought my ex-husband back to me. If you want to successfully get back with your ex or facing an infertility problem, contact this great man at odungaspelltemple@gmail.com Or WhatsApp/Call +2348167159012 and share an awesome testimony too just as I did
Jennifer Sanchez, 2022-01-04 15:44 CET

How I got my life back from scammers

I contacted an agent i met online in the wake of being misled out of assets exchanging with Quoine and Girox.com and it has been very nearly a half year now and with persistence working with the greyhat specialist's group lastly advancing to recuperating 70% of my assets. I'm glad to have gotten a generous measure of my assets back. Their contact is greyhatrecovery@protonmail .
Kriss, 2021-12-31 06:31 CET

How i won my lottery number

Hi everyone I'm Giron Brown I used to be a very poor man who has always not found luck when it comes to playing the lottery, I have been playing the lottery since I was 22 years and now I am 48, meaning I have been playing the lottery for 26 years. The biggest fund I have ever won in my life was 400 bucks. But one day my story turns to history after I find this man named Dr Fode on the Internet that he is the best when it comes to winning the lottery. This man is a very strong voodoo doctor who gives out the numbers that can never fail. After all my years of laboring and struggling to win the lottery I finally won ( $62,000,000) Dr Fode is the name, His email is drfodesolutionspelltemple@gmail.com or you can also call or contact him on his mobile number +393510804418 or write him on WhatsApp he is the only way to win the lottery and he is the best.
Giron Brown , 2021-12-30 19:48 CET

I won Million Dollar Lottery

I want to give a testimony of how I met Doctor Odunga who made me a wealthy woman using spell casting. This man helped me when I had nothing and no one to help me. My name is Darren Thompson and I am from Ramsgate but I live in Kentucky. I have always heard of lottery and people winning lottery through spell-casting and with Doctor Odunga I believed it was real. He helped me win the powerball lottery of (Three Hundred and Eighty-Six Million Dollars) $386 Million Dollars with spell casting giving me all the numbers for the lottery game. I am very happy to be the one giving this testimony too about this man. He is very sincere with his work. Win your own lottery with the contact information of this man at odungaspelltemple@gmail.com OR WhatsApp his mobile number +2348167159012
Darren Thompson, 2021-12-29 19:11 CET


I am so happy and filled with JOY. I am Gordon Rees by name and I work as a taxi driver. I love playing lottery but I have not won any huge sum except for a few Pounds. I decided to search online for help on how I can win very big because I have been playing lottery for the past 10 years. Then, I saw a post about Dr Amber who specializes in lottery spells. I contacted him and he told me everything about how to get the spell done for me and I agreed. He prepared a lottery spell for me and within 3 days, he gave me the numbers to play the lottery of which I did and after 2 days, I was told that I have won the sum of 1 million Pounds on the lottery game I played. I was surprised about it and I had to make sure I verified everything before believing that I was the winner of 1 million Pounds and ever since then, my life has changed and I am so happy living my dream life. If you need help to win your lottery game, WhatsApp Dr Amber on: +1 (406) 646-2222 or email: amberlottotemple@yahoo.com
Gordon Rees, 2021-12-25 01:13 CET


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Maria da los, 2021-12-18 01:43 CET


anonymous, 2021-12-16 05:42 CET

Scam Recovry Expert

Investing online has been a main source of income that's why knowledge plays a very important role in humanity you don't need to over work yourself for money. All you need is the right information and you could build your own wealth from the comfort of your home! Binary trading is dependent on timely signals, assets or controlled strategies which when mastered increases chance of winning up to 90%-100% with trading. It’s possible to earn $10,000 to $20,000 trading weekly-monthly, just file a complaint with  George I had almost given up on everything about binary trading and ever getting my lost funds back, till i met with him  with his help now i have my lost funds back to my bank account and I can now trade successfully with his profitable strategies and software!! Email: cryptorefunder360(at)gmail(dot)com  or  whatsApp: +13349559030 now.
George, 2021-12-14 05:37 CET

Holy fook so many pajeets and scammers

All the pajeets and scammers trying to scam on this board is insane

15 pages of normal comments and then in 2021 it's just scammers.

I want to go back to 2010

Zezima, 2021-12-13 11:55 CET

Bitcoin Recovery Expert

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George, 2021-12-12 16:30 CET


lol, 2021-12-10 12:14 CET


I just want to say Thank You to everyone who supported me through the years. My name is Manuel Franco, 24, New Berlin, Wisconsin. My story of how I won the Powerball lottery of $768.4M is a bit of a tale. I have been playing Powerball tickets for 6 years now since I turned 18. I bought my first ticket on my 18 birthday. I was feeling very lucky that day because I had contacted Dr. Odunga to help me with the winning Powerball numbers. I really had that great great feeling that I looked at the camera wanting to wink at it. I only did a tiny part of it and trusted him. He gave me the numbers after I played a couple other tickets along with it for $10. I checked my ticket after the winnings came online and saw the numbers were correct including the Power play. I screamed for about 10 minutes because it felt like a dream. I had won $768.4M. You can check my winning testimony with the lottery officials just with my name search. Thank you Dr. Odunga. Well, his email is odungaspelltemple@gmail.com and you can also call or Whats-app him at +2348167159012 so you guys can contact him
Manuel Franco, 2021-12-10 08:33 CET

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