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Com­pre­hen­sive sup­port for French-lan­guage type­set­ting
An ex­tended ver­sion of , from the NTS project
Macros for mak­ing EAN bar­codes
Print EAN13 for ISBN
A col­lec­tion of easy-to-use macros
To-do notes in a doc­u­ment
Sim­ple syn­tax for cus­tom bib­li­ogra­phies
Block ma­tri­ces
A sim­ple pack­age for writ­ing equa­tions
Sim­pli­fy­ing the use of com­mon fig­ures
Easily add bold­face, ital­ics and small­caps
Faster and sim­pler writ­ing of doc­u­ments
Lists us­ing a sin­gle ac­tive char­ac­ter
A sim­ple pack­age for writ­ing ma­tri­ces
Pack­age to pro­vide a way to re­view (or per­form ed­i­to­rial pro­cess) in
A sim­ple pack­age for writ­ing ta­bles
Write vec­tors in a C-like fash­ion
De­vice in­de­pen­dent pic­ture en­vi­ron­ment en­hance­ment
sup­port for EBGara­mond fonts
sup­port for EBGara­mond fonts in math­e­mat­ics
BibTeX database man­ager for GNU Emacs
Sim­ple pack­age for EBNF pro­duc­tions
Util­ity for writ­ing Ben­gali in Rapid Ro­man For­mat
For­mal proofs in the style of se­quent cal­cu­lus
Type­set­ting the­ses for eco­nomics
Com­puter mod­ern fonts in T1 and TS1 en­cod­ings
Use EC fonts in Plain
Elec­tronic flash cards
Sources for the Euro­pean Con­crete fonts
Type­set­ting Ec­cle­si­as­tic Latin
draws elec­tro­car­dio­grams (ECG)
Trees us­ing epic and eepic macros
Old­style nu­mer­als us­ing EC fonts
Global Ecol­ogy and Bio­geog­ra­phy Bib styles for the Biber back­end
BibTeX sup­port for Econo­met­rica
de­fines some com­mands that sim­plify math­e­matic no­ta­tion in eco­nomic and econo­met­ric writ­ing
BibTeX sup­port for sub­mit­ting to Eco­nomics jour­nals
Bi­b­li­og­ra­phy style for sub­mis­sion to Econo­met­rica
A fancy Cur­ricu­lum Vi­tae class
Edi­to­rial Notes for doc­u­ments
Edi­tor and shell for DOS and OS/2
Crit­i­cal an­no­ta­tions to foot­notes with ed­notes
Change bars for 2.09
Type­set crit­i­cal edi­tions
Mul­ti­ple se­ries of end­notes for crit­i­cal edi­tions
Type­set schol­arly edi­tions
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for the Es­to­nian lan­guage
Ad­just the gen­der of words in a doc­u­ment
Ex­ten­sions to epic and the draw­ing tools
Ex­ten­sion of \fbox, with con­trol­lable frames and colours
eForm sup­port for the Acro bun­dle
Gen­er­ate code for EGA screen fonts
pack­age for type­set­ting ex­ten­sive games
Early Gothic manuscript book-hand font
En­cap­su­late Gnu­plot sources in doc­u­ments
Tra­di­tional style Ir­ish fonts
sup­port for the eiad font
Vic­tor Ei­jkhout's pack­ages
Ex­am­ples from the book Ein­führung in
Ex­am­ples from the book Ein­führung in
Easy in­stall of Live
Class for EJP and ECP
Ar­ti­cle for­mat for pub­lish­ing the Basque Coun­try Science and Tech­nol­ogy Jour­nal "Ekaia"
A doc­u­ment class for the Jour­nal of Elec­tri­cal Bioimpedance
Elec­trum ADF fonts col­lec­tion
De­fine tex­tual vari­ants
Type­set schol­arly edi­tions
Type­set schol­arly edi­tions in par­al­lel texts
Pro­vides prop­er­ties of chem­i­cal el­e­ments
Hyphen­ation for Greek text
Draw el­lipses and el­lip­ti­cal arcs us­ing the stan­dard pic­ture en­vi­ron­ment
Fix un­even spac­ing around el­lipses in text mode
Math­e­mat­ics in Greek texts
Lo­cal al­lo­ca­tion macros for 2015
A sim­ple class for elec­tronic pre­sen­ta­tions
Class for ar­ti­cles for sub­mis­sion to El­se­vier jour­nals
Th­e­sis class for ELTE Univer­sity In­for­mat­ics wing
Sim­ple cir­cuit di­a­grams in pic­ture mode
Fonts for type­set­ting Tolkien Elvish scripts
Type­set busi­ness cards, in­dex cards and flash cards eas­ily
Named mark reg­is­ters with e-
Embed source files into the gen­er­ated PDF
Embed files into PDF
Upright brack­ets in em­pha­sised text
Sup­port for the free emer­ald city fontwerks fonts
Sup­port for the EMF sym­bol
A pack­age for prepar­ing manuscripts for the jour­nal EMISA
"En­cap­su­late" fig­ures in a doc­u­ment
EMPHa­siz­ing EQu­a­tions
Make empty pages re­ally empty
A sys­tem for MS-DOS and OS/2
A MS-Win­dows shell for em
Draw la­belled trees, us­ing em \spe­cials
Pro­duce out­put sim­i­lar to that of APJ
Doc­u­men­ta­tion of font en­cod­ings
A ex­ten­sion that trans­lates in­put on its way into
Insert non­break­able spaces, us­ing enc
Move floats to the end, leav­ing mark­ers where they be­long
Run­ning head­ers of the form "Notes to pp.xx-yy"
Easy cre­ation of po­ten­tial en­ergy curve di­a­grams
Generic "end­notes" code
Con­vert EndNote files to BibTeX
Place foot­notes at the end
An “end of proof” sign
Con­verts num­bers to English or­di­nal num­bers
Helps to type the pro­nun­ci­a­tion of English words
Enu­mer­ate with lower- or up­per­case Greek let­ters
Sup­port for users in Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions Engi­neer­ing
Font for type­set­ting Tolkien Eng­war script
En­crypt doc­u­ments with a three ro­tor Enigma
Sup­port for end-notes
Con­sis­tent nested brack­ets
En­pas­sant chess font sup­port
Enu­mer­ate with re­de­fin­able la­bels
Con­trol lay­out of item­ize, enu­mer­ate, de­scrip­tion
Ex­tended ref­er­ences to items for en­u­mitem pack­age
Enu­mer­ate with ex­tra lead­ing char­ac­ter for la­bels
Print­ing ad­dresses on en­velopes
Print en­velopes
A new in­ter­face for en­vi­ron­ments in
Ad­dresses on en­velopes or mail­ing la­bels
Maths com­mands and en­vi­ron­ments
Catch ar­gu­ments de­lim­ited by end of line
En­hance pic­ture mode
A Greek and Latin font
Dis­play short quo­ta­tions
A pack­age for type­set­ting epigraphs
Type­set­ting the Epi-Olmec Lan­guage
Util­ity for math­e­mat­i­cally ac­cu­rate, cam­era qual­ity plots and line fig­ures
Ex­tended plain macros
en­vi­ron­ment for OS/2
Macros for pro­duc­ing trees
A Win32 GUI EPS to PDF con­ver­tor
A scal­able dice "font"
Sim­ple macros for EPS in­clu­sion
Plain file for us­ing epsf.tex with (x)dvipdfmx
In­clude En­cap­su­lated PostScript in doc­u­ments
Ob­so­lete graph­ics in­clu­sion macros
Mac Ap­pleScript tool for view­ing fig­ures gen­er­ated with
A macro pack­age for in­clud­ing EPS graph­ics
In­clude EPS in fig­ures
Guide to us­ing En­cap­su­lated PostScript in
Con­verter for PostScript, EPS and PDF
Plat­form-spe­cific ex­tras for ep­spdf
ep­spdftk with GUI in­staller
On-the-fly con­ver­sion of EPS to PDF
Ma­nip­u­late En­cap­su­lated PostScript (EPS)
Con­vert EPS to PDF us­ing Ghostscript
Call ep­stopdf "on the fly"
Save ex­erquiz quizzes, con­tinue later, doc­u­ment re­mem­ber your progress on quizzes
Con­vert a quiz to one sub­mit­ted to a server-side script
Sym­pa­thet­i­cally spaced el­lip­sis af­ter punc­tu­a­tion
A stand-alone exam pack­age
De­scrip­tion lists with equal in­den­ta­tion
Gen­er­alise fa­cil­i­ties for mark­ing equa­tion ar­rays
sys­tem and PDF sup­port for Linux and OS/2
Make eq­nar­ray be­have like align
Name tags for equa­tions
More gen­er­alised equa­tion ar­rays with num­ber­ing
A fix for 2.09 eq­nar­ray
mod­i­fies the ams­math equa­tion en­vi­ron­ments to warn for a dis­placed equa­tion num­ber
Create equal-widthed par­boxes
Visual equa­tion ed­i­tor
Style for Re­ports by US Army Corps of Engi­neers
Font pack­age de­rived from Heuris­tica and Utopia
Er­ror markup for doc­u­ments
Type­set ex­ams with scram­bled ques­tions and an­swers
Make plain text safe for use in
Sim­plify type­set­ting of deriva­tives
Cur­ricu­lum vi­tae for French use
Typset in­dex en­tries in Span­ish doc­u­ments
Ex­tended set of in­te­grals for Com­puter Modern
Font esin­t10 in Type 1 for­mat
Pack­age to en­cap­su­late Sketch files in sources
Modern Rus­sian type­set­ting
Modern Rus­sian type­set­ting
An op­tion for ar­ti­cle style to make slides
Add pic­ture com­mands (or back­grounds) to ev­ery page
Style op­tion for writ­ing Esperanto texts
Cus­tomi­sa­tion for Esperanto
Pro­vides a sym­bol set for de­scrib­ing re­la­tions be­tween or­dered pairs
PostScript ver­sions of the ESSTIX, with macro sup­port
Style for Mu­ni­tions Man­age­ment Project Re­ports
Vec­tor ar­rows
-com­pat­i­ble ed­i­tor
Re­v­erse-count­ing enu­mer­ate en­vi­ron­ment
Sim­ple, lightweight tem­plate for sci­en­tific doc­u­ments
E- sup­port pack­age
Avoid name clashes with e- com­mands
e- tools for users and pack­age writ­ers
macros and fonts for type­set­ting Amharic
Type 1 ver­sions of Amharic fonts
Fonts and sup­port for type­set­ting Amharic
Com­pletely cus­tomis­able TOCs
e- tools for
Ger­man trans­la­tion of doc­u­men­ta­tion of etool­box
Fonts for the Etr­uscan script
Uni­code font en­cod­ing def­i­ni­tions for
UK for­mat dates, with week­day
A ge­om­e­try draw­ing sys­tem
Use AMS Euler fonts for math
A mod­ern in­ter­face for the Euler math fonts
Euler vir­tual math fonts
A class for prepar­ing FP7 pro­pos­als
Pro­vide Euro val­ues for na­tional cur­rency amounts
Euro and CE sign font
Pro­vides a com­mand that prints a euro sym­bol
in­ter­face for the ITC euro font sym­bols
Unof­fi­cial class for the new ver­sion of the Europass cur­ricu­lum vi­tae
Unof­fi­cial class for Euro­pean cur­ric­ula vi­tae
Ac­cess to Adobe's Euro cur­rency sym­bol fonts
In­ter­face to Adobe's sans-serif Euro font
and macros for Euro sign
Mul­tilin­gual macros for Plain
Gen­er­ate Uni­code char­ac­ters from ac­cented glyphs
Pages with cut lines and punch marks
En­sure that the to­tal num­ber of pages is even
Hooks for stan­dard to­ken lists
Pro­vide hooks to be run on ev­ery page of a doc­u­ment
Pro­vides hooks into \se­lect­font
Take ac­tion at ev­ery \shipout
Weekly cal­en­dar
Pack­age for type­set­ting exam scripts
class for type­set­ting ex­ams
Exam class, fo­cused on col­lab­o­ra­tive au­thor­ing
Pro­cess exam ques­tions and an­swers ( 2.09)
Type­set ex­am­ples for courses
Ver­ba­tim phrases and list­ings in
Type­set exam ques­tions
Mac­in­tosh spell checker
Con­vert Ex­cel spread­sheets to ta­bles
Get data from Ex­cel files into
Prevent files be­ing \in­clude-ed
Type­set ex­er­cises, prob­lems, etc. and their an­swers
Type­set ex­er­cises and so­lu­tions with au­to­matic ad­di­tion of points
En­vi­ron­ments for defin­ing ex­er­cises and quizzes
Ex­pand­able \@testopt (and re­lated) macros
Ex­panded de­scrip­tion en­vi­ron­ments
Lin­guis­tic ex­am­ples and glosses, with ref­er­ence ca­pa­bil­i­ties
Wrap­per pack­age for ex­per­i­men­tal 3
Im­port and ex­port val­ues of reg­is­ters
Di­a­grams con­sist­ing of boxes, lines, and an­no­ta­tions
Im­ple­ments scal­ing of the 'cmex' fonts
Create ex­er­cise sheets and ex­ams
Ex­er­cises and so­lu­tions from the same source, into a book
A range of dash com­mands for com­pound words
Ex­tra Ar­rows be­yond those pro­vided in ams­math
In­clude EPS fig­ures in
Ex­ten­si­ble ar­rows in math­e­mat­ics
Ex­tract parts of a doc­u­ment and write to an­other doc­u­ment
Ex­tract page mode and named des­ti­na­tions as PDF­mark from PDF
A mis­cel­lany of sup­port macros
Ex­tend the stan­dard classes' size op­tions
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