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A scribe to con­verter
TikZ li­brary to draw switch­ing ar­chi­tec­tures
Type­set an SAE tech­ni­cal pa­per
Safer ref­er­ences through strong typ­ing of ref­er­ences
For­mat pa­pers for the an­nual meet­ing of EEGS
Embed Sage code and plots into
Con­vert bitmap for­mats to com­pact PS/PDF
Sam­ples of Plain cod­ing
San­skrit hy­phen­ation pat­terns
san­i­tize um­lauts for MakeIn­dex and pdf
Ex­change Ro­man and Sans faces in a doc­u­ment
San­skrit sup­port
Type 1 ver­sion of 'skt' fonts for San­skrit
Maths in a sans font
Cor­rect place­ment of ac­cents in sans-serif maths
Cor­rect place­ment of ac­cents in sans-serif maths
Type­set the­ses for Sapienza-Univer­sity, Rome
Ar­chaic South Ara­bian script font
Type­set SAS or R code or out­put
A bun­dle of util­i­ties by Jonathan Sauer
Wide range of de­sign sizes for CM fonts
Use Sauter's fonts in
Save name of the foot­note mark for reuse
Rede­fine sym­bols where names con­flict
Op­ti­mise the use of each page of a doc­u­ment
A com­pact dis­tri­bu­tion for MS-DOS
Ti­tle page for the old ISO TC97/SC21 com­mit­tee
Ti­tle page for the old ISO TC97/SC21/WG1 work­ing group
Scale doc­u­ment by sqrt(2) or mag­step(2)
Create scale­bars for maps, di­a­grams or pho­tos
Rescale fonts to ar­bi­trary sizes
Con­strained scal­ing and stretch­ing of ob­jects
Sup­port im­port­ing and em­bel­lish­ing scanned doc­u­ments
Weekly sched­ules
Type­set sched­ules
Draw block di­a­grams, us­ing TikZ
Print top­i­cal di­a­grams
Type­set­ting Scheme pro­grams with
Sim­ple sup­port for lit­er­ate pro­gram­ming in Lisp
Sup­port for teach­ers at Ger­man schools
Ger­man “school scripts” from Suet­ter­lin to the present day
Type­set the Ger­man chess mag­a­zine “Die Sch­walbe”
Cal­li­graphic font for type­set­ting hand­writ­ing in Sch­well style
Visual ed­i­tor
For­mat a sci­en­tific pa­per for jour­nal pub­li­ca­tion
MacKichan soft­ware viewer
Make posters of ISO A3 size and larger
Use Sci­en­tific Word/WorkPlace files with an­other
Pret­typrint­ing Su­perCol­lider source code
Type­set scripts with Plain
For­mat a Base­ball score­card
Pro­vide data from scrlt­tr2's ad­dress files
Koma-Script ‘ar­ti­cle’ class
Draw pro­grams like “scratch”
In­clude Scratch pro­grams in doc­u­ments
Pro­vide ba­sic fea­tures for KOMA-Script
Koma-Script ‘book’ class
Cal­en­dar date op­er­a­tions
Pre­pare a doc­u­ment for a sim­ple pre­viewer
A class file to type­set screen­plays
Pack­age ver­sion of the screen­play doc­u­ment class
Use of com­po­nents of KOMA-Script by other pack­ages
Make in­dex pack­age work with Koma-script classes
Vari­ant re­port and book styles
Hand­writ­ing font
A sum­mary of math­e­mat­i­cal script fonts for users
Macros for scripts and screen­plays
Type­set di­aries or jour­nals
Koma-Script sup­port for lawyers, etc
Man­age text ‘lay­ers’ within Koma-Script
Con­trol note columns par­al­lel to the main text
De­fine and man­age page styles
Let­ter ex­ten­tion to KOMA-Script classes
In­stal­la­tion con­trol for koma-script pack­ages
Koma-Script ‘let­ter’ class
A let­ter class op­tion file for the au­to­matic cre­ation of copies
Con­trol of page head­ers and foot­ers in
Koma-Script ‘re­port’ class
Show the time of a run
Use .aux file in place of \newrite files
Snow­man vari­ants us­ing TikZ
A fam­ily of cyril­lic fonts
Macros for Seg­mented Dis­course Rep­re­sen­ta­tion The­ory
Th­e­sis Tem­plate of Shan­dong Univer­sity
Sec­tion num­bers with trail­ing dots
Num­ber the­o­rems by sec­tion
Put se­cu­rity clas­si­fi­ca­tion marks in a doc­u­ment
Mod­i­fy­ing sec­tion com­mands in
Create fancy boxed ((sub)sub)sec­tions
Con­trol sec­tional head­ers
Im­prove the per­for­mance of \see macros with makein­dex
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for Swedish
Select pages to be out­put
Select pages to be out­put from a doc­u­ment
Semi-au­to­matic de­tec­tion of in­put en­cod­ing
Selec­tively dis­able ty­po­graphic lig­a­tures
Help for writ­ing pro­gram­ming lan­guage se­man­tics
Mean­ing­ful se­man­tic markup in the spirit of the Text En­cod­ing Ini­tia­tive
Semaphore al­pha­bet font
Make over­head slides
Put only spe­cial con­tents on left-hand pages in two sided lay­out
Sem­i­nar pro­ceed­ings
Translit­er­a­tion of semitic lan­guages
Num­bered lists for sen­tences
Sup­port foot­notes and end­notes from sep­a­rate files
Print num­bers in a "friendly" for­mat
Split long se­quences of char­ac­ters in a neu­tral way
Com­mands for Ser­bian words with apos­tro­phes
Sup­port for use of mem­oir in Ser­bian
Up­dated date type­set­ting for Ser­bian
Ser­bian cyril­lic lo­cal­iza­tion
Con­trol lig­a­tures in Ser­bian
Gen­er­ate se­rial let­ters
Class and pack­age for sesamath books or pa­per
Ses­sion and tim­ing in­for­ma­tion in lec­ture notes
Type­set cards for Set
Set hbox in outer hor­i­zon­tal mode
Set space be­tween lines
Au­to­matic strut com­pu­ta­tion
As­sign­ing di­men­sions of a box to a length reg­is­ter
Scale text to given width
Scale text to make it fit a given width
tem­plate for the­ses at South­east­ern Univer­sity
class for the­ses at South­east Univer­sity, Nan­jing, China
Stan­dard form 298
A 2.09 ar­ti­cle style with an sf switch
Type­set­ting sci­ence fic­tion/fan­tasy manuscripts
Draw sig­nal flow graphs
Sans head­ers
Sans-serif math­e­mat­ics
A set of def­i­ni­tions for Unix sys­tem doc­u­men­ta­tion
style for type­set­ting strate­gic games
Supp­port for for­mu­lae as SGML PCDATA
Shade the back­ground of any box
Shade pieces of text
Shade boxes us­ing PostScript spe­cials
The­o­rem en­vi­ron­ments that are shaded
pack­age for putting text on a shaded back­ground
Shadow boxes
Pro­duce text with a shadow be­hind it
A sim­ple He­brew type­set­ting bun­dle
A macro to type­set para­graphs in spe­cific shapes
Trans­fig patch sup­port­ing shapepar
Draw poly­gons, reen­trant stars, and frac­tions in cir­cles with
A Sha­vian spelling al­pha­bet font
Float en­vi­ron­ment to doc­u­ment the shell com­mands of a ter­mi­nal ses­sion
Uni­fied shell es­cape in­ter­face for
Serbo-Croa­t­ian hy­phen­ation (Latin al­pha­bet)
A col­lec­tion of pack­ages and classes
com­pi­la­tion script for Linux (writ­ten in Bash)
An OpenType De­vanā­garī font de­signed for schol­ars
En­ables short­cut file im­port to the in­put tool Short­cut
Com­pact lists by run­ning sev­eral items per line
Ta­ble of con­tents with dif­fer­ent depths
Ab­bre­vi­ated ver­ba­tim com­mands
Vari­ants of \show for
Show char­ac­ters in­side a box
Vari­ants on print­ing di­men­sions
Type­set­ting source code
Draw a page-lay­out di­a­gram
Show all pos­si­ble hy­phen­ations in Lua
Show la­bel, ref, cite and bib keys
Show la­bel com­mands in the mar­gin
Print the tags of bib­li­og­ra­phy en­tries
A let­ter doc­u­ment style for use at SHSU
A sym­bol for the shuf­fle prod­uct
A com­pre­hen­sive (SI) units pack­age
Styles for SIAM pub­li­ca­tions
Ro­tated floats for 2.09
Type­set cap­tions side­ways
Type­set notes con­tain­ing rich con­tent, in the mar­gin
A class for type­set­ting stage plays
SIGGRAPH con­fer­ence class
Create beau­ti­fully type­set sign charts
Lyx tem­plate for He­brew ar­ti­cle for­mat
Selec­tive fil­ter­ing of er­ror mes­sages and warn­ings
Tem­plate for a sim­ple re­sume or cur­ricu­lum vi­tae (CV), in XeLaTeX
Tem­plate for a sim­ple the­sis or dis­ser­ta­tion (Ph.D. or mas­ter's de­gree) or tech­ni­cal re­port, in XeLaTeX
Sim­ple CD, DVD cov­ers for print­ing
A sim­ple class for writ­ing cur­ric­ula vi­tae
Easy type­set­ting of in­voices
A sim­ple key/value sys­tem for and
Sim­pler Wick con­trac­tions
Sim­ple Wick con­trac­tions
A Sim­pli­fied In­tro­duc­tion to
source for Simp­sons char­ac­ters
Type­set Parsi in Lua
Cal­cu­late sin func­tion val­ues
Sup­port for the Sin­hala lan­guage
Fonts and macros for type­set­ting Ti­betan
Pack­age to type­set SI units, num­bers and an­gles
Save the op­tional ar­gu­ment of \item
In­ter­na­tional Sys­tem of Units
A com­pre­hen­sive (SI) units pack­age
Fonts and macros for type­set­ting chess games
The skak chess fonts re­done in Adobe Type 1
Tools for a repos­i­tory of long-liv­ing doc­u­ments
Doc­u­men­ta­tion and ex­trac­tion for pack­ages and doc­u­ment classes
A 3d sketch lan­guage trans­la­tor
Create com­mands us­ing pa­ram­e­ters and key­val in par­al­lel
Key-value pars­ing com­bin­ing fea­tures of xkey­val and pgfkeys
Ex­ten­sions to the maths com­mand reper­toir
‘Sim­ple’ class for re­ports, etc
A font to draw a skull
Ac­cess dif­fer­ent-shaped small-caps fonts
Both col­umn and row head­ings in a tab­u­lar cell
Put a slash through char­ac­ters
sup­port for writ­ing Swedish
A pretty-printer for Scheme code in doc­u­ments
Slanted em­pha­sis in 2.09
Slanted em­pha­sis in
Slove­nian hy­phen­ation pat­terns
Type­set slides ac­com­pa­nied by notes
Class for cre­at­ing slides
Gen­er­ate slideshow with
Sim­pli­fied ta­bles for
Pro­mote small caps to a font fam­ily, so NFSS can deal with dif­fer­ent shapes
Choose an "ad­ja­cent" size in
Create listof­fig­ures etc. in a sin­gle chap­ter
Type­set Smalltalk pro­gram frag­ments
Gen­er­ate di­a­grams from lists
Make hy­phens print as mi­nus signs where ap­pro­pri­ate
Ex­tend 's \ref ca­pa­bil­ity
Con­vert­ing be­tween com­mon met­ric and Im­pe­rial units
Classes for So­ciété math­é­ma­tique de France pub­li­ca­tions
Create doc­u­ments and more from sim­ple texts
List the ex­ter­nal de­pen­den­cies of a doc­u­ment
Shaped notes for Mu­sic
Type­set notes, in the mar­gin
Makes ap­pear­ance of stan­dard styles more "sober"
Com­mands for deal­ing with Sobolev spaces (and rel­a­tives)
Man­age the "soft fonts" in a LaserWriter printer
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Alte Sch­wabacher font
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Artis­tic font
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Baskerville Nova fonts
Sup­port files for SoftMaker Bonita
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Broad­way fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Canossa fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Congress fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker De­lano Caps font
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Dig­i­tal fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Egyp­ti­en­neStd fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Flagstaff font
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Greno­ble fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Helium fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Helium fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Hen­der­son font
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Ice­berg font
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker In­verserif font
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Ju­gend­stil font
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Mar­seille fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Moab font
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Ne­vada fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker New­cas­tle fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Old Black­let­ter font
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Quadrat fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Stone Hand­writ­ing font
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Sun­set fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Congress fonts
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker VAGRounded font
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Velo font
Sup­port files for the SoftMaker Ver­acruz fonts
Sup­port files for SoftMaker free fonts
Save load­ing all of an­other pack­age
Pack­age for type­set­ting song lyrics and chord books
Pro­duce song books for church or fel­low­ship
Up­per Sor­bian hy­phen­ation pat­terns
Bi­b­li­og­ra­phy styles for al­pha­betic sort­ing
Univer­sity of Southamp­ton-com­pli­ant slides
Hyphen­ation for let­terspac­ing, un­der­lin­ing, and more
A fancy means of un­der­lin­ing
Per­mit use of UTF-8 char­ac­ters in soul
Gen­er­ate al­pha­bet soup puz­zles
ker­nel doc­u­men­ta­tion for the en­tire sys­tem as one doc­u­ment
Use SourceCodePro with (-alike) sys­tems
Use SourceSan­sPro with (-alike) sys­tems
Use SourceSer­ifPro with (-alike) sys­tems
A font for an ar­chaic South Ara­bia script
Fonts and a macro for Soy­ombo un­der
Bi­b­li­og­ra­phy style for Span­ish doc­u­ments
Type­set ma­tri­ces and ar­rays with spaces and semi­colons as de­lim­iters
Span­ish in Ba­bel
Type­set Span­ish as in Mex­ico
Sup­port OpenType Spark fonts
Draw­ing sparklines: in­tense, sim­ple, word­like graph­ics
Ma­nip­u­late “soft paths” in PGF
Print spec­tral se­quence di­a­grams us­ing PGF/TikZ
Sup­port for spell-check­ing of Lua doc­u­ments
Patch ker­nel spac­ing macros
tem­plate for writ­ing PhD Th­e­sis
Ex­per­i­men­tal Span­ish hy­phen­ation pat­terns
A tool for build­ing WEB sys­tems
Sup­port for for­mat­ting SPIE Pro­ceed­ings manuscripts
macros for draw­ing cu­bic spline in­ter­polants
Write LALR(1) parsers in us­ing bi­son and flex
Box two chunks of text side-by side
Split and re­order your bib­li­og­ra­phy
Un­lim­ited num­ber of in­dexes
Spot­light high­light­ing for Beamer
Spot colours for pdf
Spread­sheet fea­tures for tab­u­lar en­vi­ron­ments
Macros for Springer jour­nals
Macros to type­set sim­ple bitmaps with
Al­low line breaks within \verb and ver­ba­tim out­put
An SQL Pre­pro­ces­sor for
Square Cap­i­tals manuscript book-hand font
Hyphen­ation of Ser­bian half-com­pound words in cyril­lic scripts
Hyphen­ation of spe­cial cases in Ser­bian
Class for Springer books
Jump be­tween DVI and files
A tool for redact­ing sources
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for Ser­bian Cyril­lic
Saxon rune font
Type­set­ting spec­tral se­quence charts
Sans head­ers in book style
Slides with head­ers and foot­ers
Use the cmssq fonts
Sim­pli­fied Plain ta­bles
Mul­ti­page tab­u­lar
Tools to de­fine and use stacks
Highly cus­tomised stack­ing of ob­jects, in­sets, base­line changes, etc
En­hance­ment to the \stack­rel com­mand
A class for stage plays
In­clu­sion based on .aux file date stamps
Com­pile pic­tures stand-alone or as part of a doc­u­ment
TikZ Li­brary for Struc­tural Anal­y­sis
The StarFont Sans as­tro­log­i­cal font
An XML-in­spired for­mat for stu­dent use
Statis­tics style
Statis­tics style
Store statis­tics of a doc­u­ment
Dis­plays SAS code and re­sults of run­ning the code
Type­set Ice­landic staves and runic let­ters
Pro­vide sec­tion­ing in­for­ma­tion for pack­age writ­ers
Stan­dard pages with n lines of at most m char­ac­ters each
Print Stein­metz no­ta­tion
Stel­len­bosch the­sis bun­dle
An In­fras­truc­ture for Se­man­tic Preload­ing of Doc­u­ments
Com­mands to con­trol the pre­sen­ta­tion of floats
OpenType Uni­code maths fonts
St Mary Road sym­bols for the­o­ret­i­cal com­puter sci­ence
Stor­ing in­for­ma­tion for reuse
Store the name of a de­fined com­mand in a con­tainer
Struc­tural or­ganic chem­istry
Con­vert­ing a string be­tween dif­fer­ent en­cod­ings
String ma­nip­u­la­tion for cos­metic and pro­gram­ming ap­pli­ca­tion
Draw Nassi-Sh­nei­der­man charts
Var­i­ous macros
Create tear-off stubs at the bot­tom of a page
Man­age­ment and styling of stu­dent hand­out projects
An in­ter­ac­tive course for stu­dents
Create a .dtx file from a .sty file
Make a web page to com­pare styles
macros for draw­ing Chi­nese and Ja­panese abaci
Sup­port for sub-cap­tions
Unify maths sub­script height
Mul­ti­file doc­u­ments
Pack­age for sube­qua­tion num­ber­ing
Equa­tion ar­ray with sub num­ber­ing
Fig­ures bro­ken into sub­fig­ures
Au­to­mates lay­out when us­ing the sub­fig­ure pack­age
Dep­re­cated: Fig­ures di­vided into sub­fig­ures
In­di­vid­ual type­set­ting of sub­files of a "main" doc­u­ment
Sub-num­ber­ing for fig­ures and ta­bles
Sub-num­ber coun­ters
Pro­vides the \textsub­script com­mand
A database of chem­i­cals
Easy font sub­sti­tu­tion
Deal with sub­strings in strings
A range of sub- and su­per­script com­mands
Create su­doku grids
A set of su­doku-re­lated pack­ages
Cal­li­graphic font for type­set­ting hand­writ­ing in Süt­ter­lin style
De­fine com­mands with suf­fixes
A doc­u­ment class for type­set­ting the­ses, books and ar­ti­cles
SAS(R) user group con­fer­ence pro­ceed­ings doc­u­ment class
At­tach su­pe­rior fig­ures to a font fam­ily
A multi-page ta­bles pack­age
Macros for Su­perSym­me­try-re­lated work
Type­set a Stan­ford Univer­sity the­sis
A set of ver­ba­tim text ma­nip­u­la­tions
In­clude and ex­tract SVG pic­tures in doc­u­ments
How to in­clude an SVG im­age in us­ing Inkscape
De­fine SVG named colours
Type­set Sub­ver­sion key­words
Sub­ver­sion key­words in multi-file doc­u­ments
Sub­ver­sion vari­ants of \Pro­vides... macros
Type­set Sub­ver­sion key­words
‘A new font with sym­bols for use in Physics texts.'
Swedish bib­li­og­ra­phy styles
Plain sup­port for writ­ing Swedish
Edit doc.sty and nor­mal files with GNU Emacs
Graph­i­cal/tex­tual rep­re­sen­ta­tions of swim­ming per­for­mances
Ob­fus­cate email ad­dresses (now ob­so­lete)
Lines thicker in the mid­dle than at the ends
Type­set syl­lo­gisms in
Gen­er­ate a list of sym­bols with dif­fer­ent sub­groups
In­clude sym­bolic com­pu­ta­tion (us­ing sympy) in doc­u­ments
Ref­er­ence man­age­ment tool for BibTeX
Sync out­put file parser
A tool for gen­er­at­ing syn­tax di­a­grams from BNF
Easy draw­ing of syn­tac­tic proofs
Type­set syn­tax de­scrip­tions
Creation of syn­tax di­a­grams
Run a doc­u­ment through for syn­tax check­ing
La­bels for trac­ing in a syn­tax tree
Type­set syn­tac­tic trees
A font for Syr­iac writ­ten in Es­trangelo
Sup­port for Sys­tems and Con­trol Let­ters
For­mat sys­tems of equa­tions
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