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An i-ching package.
Class for two column IAG Proceedings articles.
Hyphenation patterns for Interlingua.
Write documents for the IARIA publications.
Write documents for the IARIA publications.
support for the Ibarra Real Nova family of fonts.
Metrics for IBM fonts.
A semi-automated approach to the production of resumes.
Intelligent brackets.
Use the Ibycus 4 Greek font with Babel.
Fonts and macros to typeset ancient Greek.
Icelandic hyphenation patterns.
Icelandic Fonts.
A font for I Ching divinations.
Indices locorum citatorum.
Intelligent commas for decimal numbers.
Creates icon appearances for form buttons.
Class for typesetting articles for the ICSV conference.
Font and support for Textures users.
Idea (concept) management package.
Typesetting bracketed dichotomous identification keys.
Inline verbatim identifiers.
Semantic commands for adding formatted index entries.
Configurable index layout, responsive to KOMA-Script and memoir.
An index processor.
A sorting version of IEEEtran.bst.
Macros for IEEE conference proceedings.
IEEE Power Engineering Society Transactions.
Document class for IEEE Transactions journals and conferences.
Functionality from IEEEtran for use with other classes.
Unofficial bibliography style file for the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.
Generate entries for various IETF index files.
Execute shell commands and input their output.
Elsevier Science preprint style for IFAC meetings.
Compare a string against a set of other strings.
Detect “draft” and “final” class options.
Provides \ifetex switch.
Conditionally load fonts with fontspec.
Check if a given input string is a number or dimension for .
Expandable checks for the current language.
Provides the \ifluatex switch.
Presentation slides for screen and printouts.
If-then-else command for processing potentially empty arguments.
Utility macro: peek ahead without ignoring spaces.
Determine if the current page is odd or even.
Provides the \ifpdf conditional.
Conditionals to test which platform is being used.
Check if the engine is p or one of its derivatives.
A collection of symbols.
Am I running under pdf, or Lua?.
Conditional commands in documents.
Extra tests for \ifthenelse.
Detects use of V and its facilities.
Am I running under ?.
Detect p and its derivatives.
Fonts and macro to typeset Go diagrams.
Multiple level of lists in one list-like environment.
International Journal of Control style.
Format papers for IJCAI 1989.
Class for the Israel Journal of Mathematics.
style file for the Intl. J. Quantum Chem.
document class for the International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology.
PSfrag documentation in Italian.
International Modal Analysis Conference format.
Create an overview of pictures from a digital camera or from other sources.
An Imake system for .
A package for producing multiple indexes.
IM Fell English fonts with support.
IM Fell Flower OpenType fonts.
Free edition of the book " for the Impatient".
Support typography of l’Imprimerie Nationale Française.
Establish input relative to a directory.
PostScript imposition and support utilities.
Support files for the Monotype Imprint Shadow fonts.
Typeset IMS conference proceedings.
IMTEK thesis class.
Sophisticated graphics inclusion in a PDF document.
Include .Rnw inside .tex.
Extended \include.
A monospaced font, with support files for use with .
Inconsolata Nerd Font with support for XeLaTeX or Lua.
Environments that change margins.
Indent first paragraph after section header.
Extended index for including multiple indexes.
Producing multiple indices.
Indic Type 1 fonts converted from public sources.
Omega fonts for characters used in study of Sanskrit.
Generate author index based on citations.
Macros to insert pictures in paragraphs.
Complete set of information/warning/error message macros.
Hyphenation patterns for Bahasa Indonesia.
Adobe Type 1 decorative initial fonts.
A mathematical paper template.
Inline images in base64 encoding.
Citations in footnotes.
Inline expansions within definitions.
Assign equation numbers to inline equations.
Small modifications to math formatting.
Accept different input encodings.
Enhanced input encoding handling.
Input files, remembering the file name.
Wrapper for 's and Lua's input normalization.
Trace which file loads which.
Inria fonts with support.
Extended Plain for use with ML.
Insert pictures/boxes into paragraphs.
A response to Perl hackers' silliness.
Insert document-level JavaScript in documents.
Fonts based on the Insular Majuscule manuscript book-hand.
Fonts based on the Insular Minuscule manuscript book-hand.
A short introduction to installation written in Chinese.
A bash script for installing a font family.
Expandable arithmetic operations with integers.
The inter font face with support for , XeLaTeX, and Lua.
Create PDF files with branching animations.
Provides an interface to create interactive 2D/3D functions inside a PDF file.
-based interactive PDF on the Web.
Managing character class schemes in .
Set parameters for other packages, conveniently.
Add interpolation to graph package.
Translate input files on the fly.
Format mathematical intervals, ensuring proper spacing.
Support typesetting and indexing words and phrases.
Embed non-PDF files into PDF with hyperlink.
Introducing scientific/mathematical documents using .
Calculate inverse file paths.
Indented text with negative paragraph indentation.
Generate invoices.
Produces a standard US invoice from a CSV file.
Intelligent invoices with 3.
Unofficial template of the DHBW Mannheim.
Restyle numbers in maths mode.
Numeric citation style for IOP journals.
macros for using WSUIPA fonts.
IPA (Japanese) fonts.
IPAex fonts converted to Type-1 format Unicode subfonts.
Insert multilingual placeholder text.
Iran Manual of Style Citation Guide for .
Extended versions of standard styles.
A class to publish article to ISCRAM conferences.
Access italic computer modern sans in 2.09.
Hyphenation patterns for Icelandic.
Vim script to convert bib database from ISI to format.
Converter for ISI to .
Generic ISO standards typesetting macros.
Display accented letters in GNU Emacs.
Typesetting the STEP standards.
A document style for ISO standards.
Tune the output format of dates according to language.
A class for typesetting letters and invoices.
An obsolete means to use ISO 8859-1 with .
Mathematics style for science and technology.
Display numbers in maths mode according to ISO 31-0.
Writing a length with a space between number and unit.
Rotation of document elements.
Provides ISO signs and colors according to the standards 7010 and 3864.
A package for typesetting isotopes.
Multi-platform spell checker.
Simple way to write nice formulas.
Produce external links instead of internal ones.
Title page for the old BSI IST/21 committee.
Draw Game Trees with TikZ.
Automatic italic correction.
Automatic italic correction for italic and slanted text.
Interactive editor.
Hyphenation patterns for the Italian language.
Spell numbers in words (Italian).
Transliteration of Indian Languages.
Convert IVD-DVI files to DVI.
Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) Discussion Papers.
A two-element sans-serif font.
support for scaled Iwona math fonts.
Support for the old Russian font "Izhitsa".
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