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An i-ching pack­age
Class for two col­umn IAG Pro­ceed­ings ar­ti­cles
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for In­ter­lin­gua
Met­rics for IBM fonts
A semi-au­to­mated ap­proach to the pro­duc­tion of re­sumes
Use the Iby­cus 4 Greek font with Ba­bel
Fonts and macros to type­set an­cient Greek
Ice­landic hy­phen­ation pat­terns
Ice­landic Fonts
A font for I Ching div­ina­tions
In­tel­li­gent com­mas for dec­i­mal num­bers
Class for type­set­ting ar­ti­cles for the ICSV con­fer­ence
Font and sup­port for Tex­tures users
In­line ver­ba­tim iden­ti­fiers
Se­man­tic com­mands for adding for­mat­ted in­dex en­tries
Con­fig­urable in­dex lay­out, re­spon­sive to KOMA-Script and mem­oir
An in­dex pro­ces­sor
A sort­ing ver­sion of IEEE­tran.bst
Macros for IEEE con­fer­ence pro­ceed­ings
IEEE Power Engi­neer­ing So­ci­ety Trans­ac­tions
Doc­u­ment class for IEEE Trans­ac­tions jour­nals and con­fer­ences
Func­tion­al­ity from IEEE­tran for use with other classes
Gen­er­ate BibTeX en­tries for var­i­ous IETF in­dex files
El­se­vier Science preprint style for IFAC meet­ings
De­tect “draft” and “fi­nal” class op­tions
Pro­vides \ife­tex switch
Con­di­tion­ally load fonts with fontspec
Ex­pand­able checks for the cur­rent lan­guage
Pro­vides the \iflu­a­tex switch
Pre­sen­ta­tion slides for screen and print­outs
If-then-else com­mand for pro­cess­ing po­ten­tially empty ar­gu­ments
Util­ity macro: peek ahead with­out ig­nor­ing spaces
Deter­mine if the cur­rent page is odd or even
Pro­vides the \if­pdf con­di­tional
Con­di­tion­als to test which plat­form is be­ing used
Check if the en­gine is p or one of its deriva­tives
A col­lec­tion of sym­bols
Am I run­ning un­der pdf, or Lua?
Con­di­tional com­mands in doc­u­ments
Ex­tra tests for \ifthenelse
De­tects use of V and its fa­cil­i­ties
Am I run­ning un­der ?
De­tect p and its deriva­tives
Fonts and macro to type­set Go di­a­grams
Mul­ti­ple level of lists in one list-like en­vi­ron­ment
In­ter­na­tional Jour­nal of Con­trol style
For­mat pa­pers for IJCAI 1989
Class for the Is­rael Jour­nal of Math­e­mat­ics
BibTeX style file for the Intl. J. Quan­tum Chem
doc­u­ment class for the In­ter­na­tional Jour­nal of Stu­dent Re­search in Ar­chae­ol­ogy
PSfrag doc­u­men­ta­tion in Ital­ian
In­ter­na­tional Mo­dal Anal­y­sis Con­fer­ence for­mat
Create an overview of pic­tures from a dig­i­tal cam­era or from other sources
An Imake sys­tem for
A pack­age for pro­duc­ing mul­ti­ple in­dexes
IM Fell English fonts with sup­port
Free edi­tion of the book " for the Im­pa­tient"
Sup­port ty­pog­ra­phy of l’Im­primerie Na­tionale Française
Estab­lish in­put rel­a­tive to a di­rec­tory
PostScript im­po­si­tion and sup­port util­i­ties
Sup­port files for the Mono­type Im­print Shadow fonts
Type­set IMS con­fer­ence pro­ceed­ings
IMTEK the­sis class
So­phis­ti­cated graph­ics in­clu­sion in a PDF doc­u­ment
Ex­tended \in­clude
A monospaced font, with sup­port files for use with
En­vi­ron­ments that change mar­gins
In­dent first para­graph af­ter sec­tion header
Ex­tended in­dex for in­clud­ing mul­ti­ple in­dexes
Pro­duc­ing mul­ti­ple in­dices
Indic Type 1 fonts con­verted from pub­lic sources
Omega fonts for char­ac­ters used in study of San­skrit
Gen­er­ate au­thor in­dex based on ci­ta­tions
Macros to in­sert pic­tures in para­graphs
Com­plete set of in­for­ma­tion/warn­ing/er­ror mes­sage macros
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for Ba­hasa In­done­sia
Adobe Type 1 dec­o­ra­tive ini­tial fonts
Ci­ta­tions in foot­notes
In­line ex­pan­sions within def­i­ni­tions
Ac­cept dif­fer­ent in­put en­cod­ings
En­hanced in­put en­cod­ing han­dling
In­put files, re­mem­ber­ing the file name
Trace which file loads which
Ex­tended Plain for use with ML
Insert pic­tures/boxes into para­graphs
A re­sponse to Perl hack­ers' silli­ness
Insert doc­u­ment-level JavaScript in doc­u­ments
Fonts based on the In­su­lar Ma­jus­cule manuscript book-hand
Fonts based on the In­su­lar Mi­nus­cule manuscript book-hand
A bash script for in­stalling a font fam­ily
Ex­pand­able arith­metic op­er­a­tions with in­te­gers
Create PDF files with branch­ing an­i­ma­tions
Pro­vides an in­ter­face to cre­ate in­ter­ac­tive 2D/3D func­tions in­side a PDF file
-based in­ter­ac­tive PDF on the Web
Manag­ing char­ac­ter class schemes in
Set pa­ram­e­ters for other pack­ages, con­ve­niently
Add in­ter­po­la­tion to graph pack­age
Trans­late in­put files on the fly
For­mat math­e­mat­i­cal in­ter­vals, en­sur­ing proper spac­ing
Sup­port type­set­ting and in­dex­ing words and phrases
In­tro­duc­ing sci­en­tific/math­e­mat­i­cal doc­u­ments us­ing
Cal­cu­late in­verse file paths
In­dented text with neg­a­tive para­graph in­den­ta­tion
Gen­er­ate in­voices
In­tel­li­gent in­voices with 3
Restyle num­bers in maths mode
Numeric ci­ta­tion style for IOP jour­nals
macros for us­ing WSUIPA fonts
IPA (Ja­panese) fonts
IPAex fonts con­verted to Type-1 for­mat Uni­code sub­fonts
Ex­tended ver­sions of stan­dard BibTeX styles
a class to pub­lish ar­ti­cle to ISCRAM con­fer­ences
Ac­cess italic com­puter mod­ern sans in 2.09
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for Ice­landic
Vim script to con­vert bib database from ISI to BibTeX for­mat
Con­verter for ISI to BibTeX
Generic ISO stan­dards type­set­ting macros
Dis­play ac­cented let­ters in GNU Emacs
Type­set­ting the STEP stan­dards
A doc­u­ment style for ISO stan­dards
Tune the out­put for­mat of dates ac­cord­ing to lan­guage
A class for type­set­ting let­ters and in­voices
An ob­so­lete means to use ISO 8859-1 with
Math­e­mat­ics style for sci­ence and tech­nol­ogy
Dis­play num­bers in maths mode ac­cord­ing to ISO 31-0
writ­ing a length with a space be­tween num­ber and unit
Ro­ta­tion of doc­u­ment el­e­ments
A pack­age for type­set­ting iso­topes
Multi-plat­form spell checker
Pro­duce ex­ter­nal links in­stead of in­ter­nal ones
Ti­tle page for the old BSI IST/21 com­mit­tee
Draw­ing Game Trees with TikZ
Au­to­matic italic cor­rec­tion
Au­to­matic italic cor­rec­tion for italic and slanted text
In­ter­ac­tive ed­i­tor
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for the Ital­ian lan­guage
Spell num­bers in words (Ital­ian)
Translit­er­a­tion of In­dian Lan­guages
Con­vert IVD-DVI files to DVI
Halle In­sti­tute for Eco­nomic Re­search (IWH) Dis­cus­sion Papers
A two-el­e­ment sans-serif font
Sup­port for the old Rus­sian font "Izhitsa"
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