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Graphical frontend to BibTool.
Macros to generate quantum ciruits.
A class for making multiple choice questionnaires.
Quick and dirty virtual font creation.
Produce an "end-of-proof" mark.
DOS graphics program.
PostScript (Adobe Type 1) fonts in QX layout.
Commands for bras and kets and the like.
VMS tools for controlling QMS printers.
macros for typesetting trees.
Generate QR codes in .
Create QR codes using stamps.
Syntax highlighting for the Q# language.
Bundle for unit tests and pattern matching.
Maths symbol abbreviations.
Draw tree structures.
Draw quantum circuit diagrams.
Document class for submissions to the Quantum journal.
support for Quattrocento and Quattrocento Sans fonts.
package for quick typesetting.
Typeset an attributed quotation.
Decorative chapter headings.
Match pairs of double-quote characters.
Smart double quotes in input.
Consolidated environment for displayed text.
Consistent quote marks.
An easy way to typeset any part of The Holy Quran.
German translations to the quran package.
Urdu translations to the quran package.
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