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bakoma-games – BaKoMa modules for music and games

This module includes popular macro packages described in chapters 7 (Preparing music scores: MusiX) and 8 (Playing games: Chess, Xiangqi — Chinese Chess, Go, Backgammon, Bridge, Crosswords) of the ‘ graphics Companion’. They are precompiled for use, together with fonts and documentation, directly in BaKoMa . Fonts used by some packages are converted into formats suitable both for printing and for PDF generation. For example, for Chess the diagram fonts are converted into vector Type 3 font format. Board black squares are coded as a gray color instead of dashing. This approach gives the best results on printers and displays. Fonts for in-line notation are in Type 1 font format. For Go the special fonts are too hard to convert automatically and have been efficiently coded in Type 3 font format. For Backgammon the fonts were originally dithered as halftone, making them unsuitable for PDF. The halftone was emulated by using a grey colour in Type 3 fonts.

LicensesShareware: A fee is required
MaintainerBasil Malyshev (deceased)
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