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This topic con­tains pack­ages to pro­cess game di­a­grams, game­books, and other amuse­ments.

Me­mory games in .
A drag-and-drop match­ing game with PDF files.
Chess board macros us­ing stan­dard fonts.
BaKoMa mod­ules for mu­sic and games.
A set of fonts sup­port­ing chess di­a­grams.
Bull­shit bingo, cal­en­dar and base­ball-score cards.
Type­set cor­re­spon­dence chess games.
An­no­tate backgam­mon matches and po­si­tions.
Type­set­ting bridge di­a­grams.
Plain macros for writ­ing about bridge.
Chi­nese chess.
Fonts for type­set­ting chess boards.
Print chess boards.
A pack­age to han­dle chess fonts.
Min­i­mal chess di­a­grams.
A pack­age for type­set­ting chess prob­lem di­a­grams.
Use lua call­backs for “in­ter­est­ing” tex­tual ef­fects.
A Go sys­tem in Cont.
Type­set cross­word puz­zles.
Macros for type­set­ting cross­word puz­zles.
Cross­word macros for Plain .
Draw ASCII art of an­i­mals say­ing a spec­i­fied mes­sage.
pack­age for type­set­ting ex­ten­sive games.
En­pas­sant chess font sup­port.
Type­set game­books and other in­ter­ac­tive nov­els.
Fonts and macros for type­set­ting go games.
Type­set Generic Univer­sal Role Play­ing Sys­tem (GURPS) ma­te­ri­als.
Tower of Hanoi in .
A fire­work dis­play in ob­fus­cated .
Di­a­grams of board po­si­tions in the games of Ha­van­nah and Hex.
Pro­vide an en­vi­ron­ment to draw a hexgame-board.
De­scribe card games.
A font for I Ching div­ina­tions.
An i-ching pack­age.
Fonts and macro to type­set Go di­a­grams.
Draw Game Trees with TikZ.
Build a jeop­ardy game in .
A class to con­struct Jeop­ardy-like games.
Draw labyrinths and so­lu­tion paths.
Type­set (grid-based) logic puz­zles.
A font to go with the Magic(TM) game.
Com­pute the Man­del­brot set.
out­put of Go po­si­tions.
Type­set Bridge Di­a­grams.
Mod­i­fi­ca­tion of a Go pack­age to cre­ate oth­ello boards.
Type­set Othello (Rev­ersi) di­a­grams of any size, with an­no­ta­tions.
Creat­ing cross­word grids, us­ing TikZ.
Draw Bao di­a­grams.
Type­set go di­a­grams with PSTricks.
Plot­ting dart boards.
Draw­ing poker cards.
Play­ing Rev­ersi in .
A fun demo of Acro eDu­ca­tion Bun­dle fa­cil­i­ties.
Type­set­ting old-school Dun­geons and Dragons mod­ules.
Type­set the Ger­man chess mag­a­zine “Die Sch­walbe”.
Draw pro­grams like “scratch”.
Draw pro­grams like “scratch”.
In­clude Scratch pro­grams in doc­u­ments.
Type­set cards for Set.
style for type­set­ting strate­gic games.
Fonts and macros for type­set­ting chess games.
The skak chess fonts re­done in Adobe Type 1.
Gen­er­ate al­pha­bet soup puz­zles.
macros for draw­ing Chi­nese and Ja­panese abaci.
Create su­doku grids.
A set of su­doku-re­lated pack­ages.
Com­pre­hen­sive chess an­no­ta­tion in .
Print dates of Fri­day 13th days.
Sup­port for writ­ing about xi­angqi.
An ex­ten­sion to the skak pack­age for chess type­set­ting.
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