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This topic contains packages using PGF-TikZ.

Augmenting directed graphs.
Easily annotate math equations using TikZ.
TikZ styles for creating overlaid pictures in beamer.
Create abstract argumentation frameworks via TikZ.
A style file for typesetting Battleship logic puzzles.
Draw simple bar charts in .
Shirts to dress TikZbears.
Drawing binary trees using TikZ.
Draw pseudo-3D diagrams of Bloch spheres.
Draw block diagrams, using TikZ.
Draw Bode, Nyquist and Black plots with gnuplot and TikZ.
Draw Bode, Nyquist and Nichols plots with gnuplot or pgfplots.
Draws bond graphs in , using PGF/TikZ.
Draw braid diagrams with PGF/TikZ.
“Build Your Own Twemojis” with TikZ.
Put simple annotations and notes inside a picture.
A Lua package for drawing karnaugh maps with up to 6 variables.
Draw causal set (Hasse) diagrams.
A TikZ library for drawing celtic knots.
Draw molecules with easy syntax.
Symbology to draw chemical plants with TikZ.
Print chord grids for pop/jazz tunes.
Draw chord diagrams.
Provides a horizontal timeline.
Draw electrical networks with TikZ.
A circular glyphs alphabet.
Typeset code with annotations.
Add coffee stains to documents.
CoDi: Commutative Diagrams for .
Draw protein secondary structures.
Dodecaphonic diagrams: twelve-tone matrices, clock diagrams, etc.
Decorated text boxes using TikZ.
Draw Dynkin, Coxeter, and Satake diagrams using TikZ.
easing functions for pgfmath.
Add full width fading pictures at the top or bottom of a page.
Fancy QR-Codes with TikZ.
Easy generation of FAST diagrams.
Commands for CAS-like windows (Xcas or Geogebra) in TikZ.
Pictures for creating children’s activities.
Create interactive figures in .
Shapes for drawing flowcharts, using TikZ.
Drawing (linguistic) trees.
Pedigree and genealogical tree diagrams.
Draw Grafcet/SFC with TikZ.
Graph paper backgrounds and color schemes.
Create Harvey Balls using TikZ.
Diagrams of board positions in the games of Havannah and Hex.
Highlight formulas or paragraphs.
An implementation of Hobby’s algorithm for PGF/TikZ.
Draw Game Trees with TikZ.
Macros to insert playing cards.
Convert JFlap file into a file depicting the automaton using TikZ.
Draw jigsaw pieces with TikZ.
Typeset Karnaugh maps.
package for drawing karnaugh maps with up to 6 variables.
Design kinematic chains and mechanisms.
Draw simple ladder diagrams using TikZ.
Draw arrows over math letters.
Draw Hasse diagrams.
Geometric constructions with liftarms using TikZ and 3.
Typeset (grid-based) logic puzzles.
Insert Licence Etalab 2.0 logo.
Computes and draws 2D Delaunay triangulation.
Plotting graphs using Lua.
An easy and flexible way to set watermarks.
Declare new PGF shapes.
A PGF/TikZ library that simplifies working with multiple matrix nodes.
TikZ styles to typeset graphs of program memory.
Spherical Mercator coordinate systems and Web Mercator tile integration.
Draw diagrams to represent communication protocols.
package for TikZ based drawing of military symbols as per NATO APP-6(C).
Drawing movement arrows on linguistic example sentences.
Draw MSC diagrams.
Improve the typesetting of mathematical matrices with PGF.
Draws sticks for games of multi-pile Nim.
Display logos related to Nanjing University.
Represent intervals on the number line.
A template for printing presentations on notepaper.
Some symbols which are not easily available.
Insert hyperlinked ORCiD logo.
Some geometric tools, with TikZ.
Custom extensible arrows over math expressions.
Layout graphic rich documents.
Commands to work with Gurvan Paper.
Draw beautiful Pascal (Yanghui) triangles.
Creating crossword grids, using TikZ.
Create a spreadsheet layout.
A TikZ library for producing Penrose tilings.
Draw process flow diagrams in chemical engineering.
Create PostScript and PDF graphics in .
PGF/TikZ package for "blurred" shadows.
Support for CMYK and grayscale shadings in PGF/TikZ.
Draw Gantt charts with TikZ.
Drawing interference patterns with PGF/TikZ.
Draw graphs typically found in molecular biology texts.
Assemble multiple logical pages onto a physical page.
pgfornament library for Chinese traditional motifs and patterns.
Create custom periodic tables of elements.
Draw pie charts, using PGF.
Create normal/logarithmic plots in two and three dimensions.
Draw continuous or discrete spectra using PGF/TikZ.
Some macros for UML Class Diagrams.
Draw UML Sequence Diagrams.
Insert “chronometer pictograms” with a duration.
Draw chip pinouts with TikZ.
Draw pixel-art pictures.
Work with PixelArts, with TikZ.
A simple template for drawing playcards.
Draw elements of the diagram monoids.
A TikZ package for drawing polyhedra.
A package for French maths teachers in high school.
Commands (with TikZ) to work with French “BTS SIO” maths themes.
Forest-based proof trees (symbolic logic).
Diagrams of sphere models for variably strict conditionals (Lewis counterfactuals).
Quickly typeset board states of Puyo Puyo games.
Draw quantum circuit diagrams.
A simple and fast way to typeset chemical reactions.
Draw commutative diagrams exported from https://q.uiver.app.
Create quizzes like in TV shows.
Draw (mathematical) rank 2 root systems.
Package to display recorder fingering diagrams.
Draw Reo Channels and Circuits.
TikZ powered package to draw parameterized 2D robot arms.
Draw a “question wheel” (roue de questions).
Icons for tabletop role-playing games.
“Sacred Symbols” prepared with TikZ.
Draw Sankey diagrams with TikZ.
Draw block diagrams, using TikZ.
Commands for Scrabble boards.
Draw programs like “scratch”.
Draw programs like “scratch”.
Include Scratch programs in documents.
Snowman variants using TikZ.
Typeset cards for Set.
Simple nodes in four colors written in TikZ for .
Drawing lenses and mirrors for optical diagrams.
Generate diagrams from lists.
Manipulate “soft paths” in PGF.
Print spectral sequence diagrams using PGF/TikZ.
TikZ Library for Structural Analysis.
Draw objects constructed from strands.
Create string diagrams with and TikZ.
A TikZ command set for structural mechanics drawings.
Create “railroad” syntax diagrams.
Tangram puzzles, with TikZ.
Logos for The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS).
Graphical representation of keys on a standard scientific calculator.
Work with some 2D TikZ commands (French).
Work with some 3D figures.
Coordinate transformation styles for 3d plotting in TikZ.
Create some AmongUs characters in TikZ environments.
Draw Bagua symbols in Yijing.
Draw Bayesian networks, graphical models and directed factor graphs.
Precise determination of bounding boxes in TikZ.
Drawing bricks with TikZ.
Create commutative diagrams with TikZ.
Helps to draw codeblocks like scratch, NEPO and PXT in TikZ.
A library for drawing dependency graphs.
Technical dimension lines using PGF/TikZ.
Small set of macros for defining/marking coordinates and crossing (jumps) paths .
A little fun package for using rubber ducks in TikZ.
A collection of libraries for PGF/TikZ.
Feynman diagrams with TikZ.
Feynman diagrams with TikZ.
TikZ libraries for filling with images and patterns.
Put labels on images using TikZ.
A based calendar using TikZ.
Typeset Karnaugh maps using TikZ.
Draw ladder diagrams using TikZ.
Schematic diagrams of lakes.
TikZ provides graphical layers on TikZ: "behind", "above" and "glass" .
A collection of cute little animals and similar creatures.
Use TikZ's method of remembering a position on a page.
Drawing little marmots in TikZ.
Spherical mirrors and lenses in TikZ.
Create diagrams for neural networks constructed with the methods of the Neural Engineering Framework (NEF).
Draw networks with TikZ.
Triple, quadruple, and n-fold paths with TikZ.
Typeset OPM diagrams.
A library for drawing optical setups with TikZ.
Produce oscilloscope “screen shots”.
Display network packets.
Small macro to help building nice and complex layout materials.
A single TikZ node for the whole page.
Draw particle accelerator lattices with TikZ.
Draw people-shaped nodes in TikZ.
Penguins with TikZ.
Illustrate celestial mechanics and the solar system.
A few shapes designed to be used with CircuiTikZ.
A parametric questions’ repositories framework.
TikZ library for typesetting electrical diagrams .
Symbols collection for typesetting Sequential Function Chart (SFC) diagrams (PLC programs).
Horizontally and vertically split elliptical nodes.
Some symbols created using TikZ.
Easy generation of timing diagrams as TikZ pictures.
A utility for rendering TikZ diagrams to SVG.
A TikZ library for creating track diagrams in railways.
Draw Truchet tiles.
Draws violin plots from data.
A TikZ library for drawing tiles and tilings.
Produces calculator's keys with the help of TikZ.
Tools for drawing with a cartesian coordinate system.
Macros for drawing graphs of graph theory.
Tools for drawing Euclidean geometry.
Tools for drawing graphs of functions.
Draw graph-theory graphs.
A package with tools for graph plotting (and TikZ).
Link nodes in mathematical environments.
Create Object-Role Model (ORM) diagrams.
Tables of signs and variations using PGF/TikZ.
Marking things to do in a document.
Tool for linguists and phoneticians to visualize tone value patterns.
Insert Trivial Pursuit board game.
Visualize 2×2 normal-form games.
Plot graphs with TikZ abbreviations.
Musical fingering diagrams of Pinkullo Huanuqueño, Flute (Recorder), Quena and Saxophone.
Provides various Unicode symbols.
Creating Venn diagrams with TikZ.
Visual help for TikZ based on images with minimum text.
A package to prepare hex’n’counter wargames.
Diagrams with circular or other shapes using TikZ and 3.
“Aligned” math environments with arrows for comments.
Create wordle grids.
Drawing flags with TikZ.
Write on grid lines.
Create beautiful scientific Persian/Latin posters using TikZ.
Cistercian numerals in .
Typesetting quantum circuits in a human-readable language.
A library to typeset ZX Calculus diagrams.
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