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This topic contains packages with Lua and packages that require it.

Access basic ligatures in legacy TrueType fonts.
Arab for Lua.
Right to left presentation with beamer and babel.
Approximate smooth function graphs with cubic bezier splines for use with TikZ or .
A Lua package for drawing karnaugh maps with up to 6 variables.
Use lua callbacks for “interesting” textual effects.
Luatexja-jfm files for Chinese typesetting.
A Lua package for creating cloze texts.
Add NFSS-declarations of combo fonts to Lua documents.
Czech typography rules enforced through Lua hooks.
Catcode table stable support.
Export CTAN entries to bib format.
Simple typesetting system for mixed Arabic/Latin documents.
Typesetting TEI-xml compliant Critical Editions.
Emoji support in (Lua).
Add emojis to citations.
Encrypt documents with a three rotor Enigma.
Alternative fontloaders for luaotfload.
A front-end to fontspec, for selected fonts with math support.
A front-end to fontspec, for selected non-free fonts.
Advanced font selection in XeLaTeX and Lua.
Typeset Generic Universal Role Playing System (GURPS) materials.
Describe card games.
classes for the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
Wrapper for 's and Lua's input normalization.
Translate input files on the fly.
Articles with teasers and continuation later on.
Kana parser for Lua.
Support for Libertinus OpenType.
Repeat entries in a Lua document body.
Bidi functions for Lua.
Mark hyphenations in a document, for checking.
Helper for executing lua code from within .
Color support based on Lua’s node attributes.
Loading patterns in Lua with language.dat.
Replacing inputenc for use in Lua.
A Lua module for parsing key-value options.
Fixes for mathematics-related Lua issues.
Load platform-specific code into Lua.
A wrapper for using the truncate package with Lua.
Additional Lua functions for Lua macro programmers.
Computes and draws 2D Delaunay triangulation.
Use Lua’s built-in interpreter.
OpenType ‘loader’ for Plain and .
Allow Lua to load external Lua packages.
Functions and objects for the computation of physical quantities.
A PSTricks backend for Lua.
Create lists of random numbers.
Drawing spectral sequences in Lua.
Basic resource management for Lua code.
Lua option file for color and graphics.
Typeset Japanese with Lua.
Typeset Korean with Lua.
Basic definitions for Lua.
Additional macros for Plain and in Lua.
Add editing annotations in a Lua document.
Highlighting typographical flaws with Lua.
Unicode Collation Algorithm library for Lua.
Underlining for Lua.
Unicode algorithms for Lua.
Visual debugging with Lua.
Prevent line breaks after single letter words, units, or academic titles.
Automatically remove widows and orphans from any document.
Lua library for reading and serialising XML files.
lutabulartools provides some useful commands for tabular matter.
Commands to include lilypond scores within a (Lua) document.
Make a Cookbook.
A modern plain format for the Lua engine.
Create tiling patterns with the minim-mp processor.
Extensive maths for Lua.
Low-level mplib integration for Lua.
Low-level PDF integration for Lua.
Embed XMP metadata in PDF with Lua.
Experimental package to extract and reinsert PDF annotations.
Class for printing fiction, such as novels.
Read OpenDocument Spreadsheet documents as tables.
Lua format based on Plain and OPmac.
Penlight Lua libraries made available to Lua users.
Draw graphs typically found in molecular biology texts.
Absolute content positioning.
Support for rendering UML diagrams using the syntax and tool of PlantUML.
Execute Python code on the fly in your documents.
Selectively disable typographic ligatures.
Create beautiful semester timetables and more.
Show all possible hyphenations in Lua.
Typeset Parsi in Lua.
Support for spell-checking of Lua documents.
Strictly balanced brackets and numbers in command names.
Automatically generate truth tables for given variables and statements.
Implementation of the (new in 2015) \Ucharcat command in lua, for Lua.
Unicode mathematics support for and Lua.
Convert a length into one with another unit.
TIPA typefaces with Unicode characters as input.
A wall calendar class with custom layouts.
Basic support for the typesetting of Cyrillic Mongolian documents using (Xe|Lua).
A YAML parser and tool for easy definition creation.
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