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Font serif

This topic contains packages with serif fonts.

Accanthis fonts, with support.
Alegreya fonts with support.
The Alfa Slab One font face with support for and pdf.
Almendra fonts with support.
The Archivo font face with support for and pdf.
The Arvo font face with support for and pdf.
Baskervald ADF fonts collection with / support.
Extension and modification of BaskervaldADF with support.
Fry’s Baskerville look-alike, with math support.
Bera fonts.
Berenis ADF fonts and / support.
The Bitter family of fonts with support.
A font inspired by Baskerville design.
Support for the Caladea family of fonts.
Polish extension of Computer Concrete fonts.
CharisSIL fonts with support for all engines.
Charter fonts.
A serif font family.
Type 1 CM-based fonts for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic.
Computer Modern for Serbian and Macedonian.
Computer Modern Unicode font family.
Cochineal fonts with support.
Coelacanth fonts with support.
Cormorant Garamond family of fonts.
Crimson fonts with support.
CrimsonPro fonts with support.
Slightly modified computer modern fonts with Cyrillics.
support for the DejaVu fonts.
Support for the ttf and otf DejaVu fonts.
Drop-in replacement for Palatino.
support for the Droid font families.
A double-struck serifed font for mathematical use.
support for EBGaramond fonts.
Computer modern fonts in T1 and TS1 encodings.
Font package derived from Heuristica and Utopia.
An expansion of Edward Tufte’s ET-Bembo family.
A free Bembo-like font.
Forum fonts with support.
SC and OsF fonts for URW Palladio L.
Gandhi Serif and Sans fonts, with support.
The Garamond Libre font face.
An OTF math font matching EB Garamond.
‘Expert’-like extensions to URW Garamond, and maths italic.
support for the Gelasio family of fonts.
Gentium fonts (in two formats) and support files.
A Greek font based on Didot’s work.
A Unicode font, with rather wide coverage.
GoSans and GoMono fonts with support.
support for the Ibarra Real Nova family of fonts.
Inria fonts with support.
Arabic font for university articles.
A complete set of fonts for text and mathematics.
OTF version of the Kp-fonts.
Use of Linux Libertine and Biolinum fonts with .
Libertine add-on to support Greek and Cyrillic.
Wrapper to use the correct libertinus package according to the used engine.
The Libertinus font family.
Support for Libertinus OpenType.
A Type 1 font and support for Libertinus Math.
Support for using Libertinus fonts with /pdf.
The Libre Baskerville family of fonts with support.
Libre Bodoni fonts with support.
Libre Caslon fonts, with support.
LinguisticsPro fonts with support.
Latin modern fonts in outline formats.
Support for the Lucida Bright fonts (OpenType).
Merriweather and MerriweatherSans fonts, with support.
A blacker Type 1 version of Computer Modern, with multilingual support.
Computer Modern Type 3 fonts converted using .
Computer Modern fonts including matching non-latin alphabets.
Alternative uses of the PX fonts, with improved metrics.
Alternative uses of the TX fonts, with improved metrics.
Support for Noto fonts.
Support for the condensed variants of the Noto fonts.
Math support for Noto fonts.
OldStandard fonts with support.
Type 1 versions of Old Standard fonts with support.
support for free fonts by ParaType.
Playfair Display fonts with support.
Support for the OpenType font IBM Plex.
PT Serif font and support.
The QualiType font collection .
Quattrocento and Quattrocento Sans fonts with support.
Support for the Roboto family of fonts.
Extension of GyreSchola (New Century Schoolbook) with math support.
Use SourceSerifPro with (-alike) systems.
Spectral fonts with support.
Font STIX2 for Serbian and Macedonian.
A free Times-like font.
A reworking of STIX2.
OpenType Unicode maths fonts.
OpenType Unicode text and maths fonts.
Type1 versions of the STIX Two OpenType fonts.
Greek and Cyrillic to accompany Times.
Fonts extending freely available URW fonts.
TheanoDidot fonts with support.
Theano Modern fonts with support.
Theano OldStyle fonts with support.
Tinos fonts with support.
URW Antiqua condensed font, for use with .
URW Garamond No8 Adobe Type 1 fonts.
Extension of Bitstream Charter fonts.
A Scientific Times-like font with support for mathematical typesetting.
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