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Execute command after the next page break
Everything in tt font, but obey commands and line endings
Produce bold math symbols (AMS-)
AMS- commutative diagrams
AMS mathematical facilities for
Typeset mathematical operator names
Typeset text fragments in mathematics
Extending the array and tabular environments
Default class for composing an article
The picture mode, for use with Plain
Access bold symbols in maths mode
A class for typesetting books
Simple arithmetic in commands
Documentation of configuration options
The source of ’s standard classes
Documentation of class and package writing
Install macros for “standard” fonts not used by itself
Colour control for documents
Catcode table stable support
Documentation of Cyrillic-alphabet features
Align on the decimal point of numbers in tabular columns
Delimiters for arrays
Format documentation
Remove comments from file
Configuration file for dvipdfmx graphics
Colour and Graphics support for dvisvgm
EMPHasizing EQuations
Documentation of font encodings
Enumerate with redefinable labels
Include Encapsulated PostScript in documents
E- support package
Wrapper package for experimental 3
Implements scaling of the 'cmex' fonts
Permit Computer Modern fonts at arbitrary sizes
Patches for
Docmentation of font commands
Standard package for selecting font encodings
Advanced font selection in XeLaTeX and Lua
Footnotes in two column documents in one column only
Access metadata from the git distributed version control system
Access metadata from the git distributed version control system
Typesetting git changelogs
Standard graphics
Sample configuration files for color and graphics
Colour and graphics option files
Enhanced support for graphics
For producing graph paper
Load Helvetica, scaled
Extensive support for hypertext in
Provides \ifetex switch
Provides the \ifluatex switch
Provides the \ifpdf conditional
Am I running under pdf, or Lua?
Conditional commands in documents
Detects use of V and its facilities
Am I running under ?
Indent first paragraph after section header
Accept different input encodings
Process 'key=value' schemes
3 backend drivers
3 backend drivers (dev)
A testing and building system for
Strip documentation in 3 source
Experimental 3 concepts
3 programming conventions
Development pre-release of l3kernel
option processing using 3 keys
High-level 3 concepts
Regular expression facilities for
System queries for using Lua
A macro package that defines
AMS mathematical facilities for
Development pre-release of the amsmath bundle
Base sources of
Development pre-release of the kernel
Bug-classification for related bugs
Support for Cyrillic fonts in
Documentation supplied as part of the distribution
First aid for external files and packages that need updating
Development pre-release of the firstaid package
The standard graphics bundle
Development pre-release of the graphics bundle
laboratory: Development pre-release
release emulation
The standard tools bundle
Development pre-release of the tools bundle
View the layout of a document
The standard letter document class
Allow tables to flow over page boundaries
Place selected parts of a document in landscape
The latest news
Class for documented macro files
Additional Lua functions for Lua macro programmers
OpenType ‘loader’ for Plain and
pdf aliases for Lua
Lua option file for color and graphics
Standard package for creating indexes
Use Times as default text font, and provide maths support
Mathematical tools to use with amsmath
Packages to typeset oldgerman and pandora fonts in
The mathtools “setup” function
A trivial class, for use when testing
The rules about modifying
Intermix single and multiple columns
Typesetting font tables using ’s NFSS notation
PDF management testphase bundle
Access to PostScript standard Symbol and Dingbats fonts
Class for producing “proceedings”
Font support for common PostScript fonts
Low level font compatibility mode for
Typeset a multi-chapter report
Packages "required" of a distribution
Rotation tools, including rotated full-page floats
Unified shell escape interface for
Abbreviated verbatim commands
Class for creating slides
Save loading all of another package
kernel documentation for the entire system as one document
Report files opened and closed in the log, including nesting level
Run a document through for syntax checking
Standard package for activating ec fonts
Tabulars with adjustable-width columns
Document configuration with tags
Tools for experimenting with tagging using pdf and Lua
Model format creation files
Manipulate theorem environments
Make sensible use of tracing in
Simple trigonometric functions
Unicode data and loaders for
Unpacked copy of the sources
User-mode documentation for
Reimplementation of and extensions to verbatim
Rich boxed material for 3
Driver-independent color extensions for and pdf
Colour and graphics support for
Interface to the 3 floating point unit
Split-level fractions
Control text feeding onto the page
A generic document command parser
References to other documents
Define commands that appear not to eat spaces
A high-level interface for declaring document commands
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