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This topic con­tains pack­ages for graph­ics (sup­port pack­ages).

Put sim­ple an­no­ta­tions and notes in­side a pic­ture
A TikZ li­brary for draw­ing celtic knots
Con­vert graphs gen­er­ated by Graphviz to friendly for­mats
Create graphs within us­ing the dot2­tex tool
Sim­ple draw­ings with
Draw ASCII art of an­i­mals say­ing a spec­i­fied mes­sage
Draw el­lipses and el­lip­ti­cal arcs us­ing the stan­dard pic­ture en­vi­ron­ment
An “end of proof” sign
Ob­so­lete graph­ics in­clu­sion macros
French ver­sion of "graph­ics in "
Auto-size graph­ics
In­clude files as graph­ics (.tex sup­port for \in­clude­graph­ics)
En­able in­te­gra­tion be­tween pic­tures and
Ex­tend graph­icx to im­prove place­ment of graph­ics
Sam­ple con­fig­u­ra­tion files for color and graph­ics
Add in­ter­po­la­tion to graph pack­age
Draw chem­i­cal struc­ture di­a­grams with /
Perl in­ter­face to mf­pic
Embed fig­ures within doc­u­ments
A pack­age to draw pixel-art pic­tures
PSfrag doc­u­men­ta­tion in Ital­ian
Draw­ing pic­tures us­ing PostScript spe­cials
A script to com­pile PSTricks doc­u­ments via pdf
Draw three-di­men­sional rib­bons
Draw­ing a fid­get spin­ner
PSTricks sup­port func­tions
Rewrite la­bels in EPS graph­ics
Draw a vari­a­tions ta­ble of func­tions and a con­vex­ity ta­ble of its graph
A sin­gle TikZ node for the whole page
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