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This topic contains packages for typesetting journals, etc.

class file for the Marathi journal ‘Aalok’.
Macros for Manuscript Preparation for AAS Journals.
Support for American Chemical Society journal submissions.
ACM document style.
Class for typesetting publications of ACM.
Class for ACM conference proceedings.
Class and style for ACM Transactions.
2.09 support for Advances in Control Systems.
Typesetting articles for Archives of Forensic Psychology.
Styles for American Geophysical Union.
Typeset AIAA conference papers.
Bibliography style file for the AIChE Journal.
AMA manual of style citations.
Official American Meteorological Society Template.
Typeset anonymous versions for ACM articles.
Typeset articles for the Annals of Mathematics.
American Psychological Association format.
Format documents in APA style (6th edition).
Format manuscripts to APA 6th edition guidelines.
Format documents in APA style (7th edition).
Early APA style.
Citation style following the rules of the APA.
Bibliography style that approaches APA requirements.
A style file for the European Journal of Operational Research.
An APA-like style for .
class for articles published in INGENIERIA review.
Transactions of the ASAE.
Bibliography style for the ASCE.
A template for ASME journal papers.
Support for footnote style author/affiliation.
Adds self-archiving information to scientific papers.
Support for submissions to the “Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology”.
Bibliographies suitable for British Ecological Society journals.
Bib style for Brazil's ABNT rules.
Bib style for the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics.
Bib citation and reference style for APA.
Bib citation and reference style for APA 6th Edition.
A set of Bib implementations of chemistry-related bibliography styles.
Bib style for the École nationale des chartes (Paris).
IEEE style files for Bib.
Bib style for Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science.
LNI style for Bib.
MLA style files for Bib.
Bib support for Nature.
Bib implementation of the Science bibliography style.
A style for the journal “Biology Letters”.
Markup for the journal Business Research.
Typeset papers conforming to the stylesheet of the Cascadilla Proceedings Project.
Bibliography style for Council of Biology Editors format.
Produce papers for Computers and Electronics in Agriculture.
Various formats for journals in Chemistry.
A class for submissions to the “Commentarii informaticae didacticae” (CID).
style for Computer Journal.
document class for CJE articles.
Article class for The Canadian Journal of Statistics.
Style for the journal Condensed Matter Physics.
Class for the journal Computational Complexity.
Automatic cover page creation for scientific papers.
class for articles submitted to the CSTUG Bulletin (Zpravodaj).
Typeset papers for the International Journal of Digital Curation.
style for the journal Decision Sciences.
style file for the journal Development.
Document class for the journal of DANTE.
Document class for the journal of DANTE.
support for Econometrica.
Bibliography style for submission to Econometrica.
Class for EJP and ECP.
Article format for publishing the Basque Country Science and Technology Journal "Ekaia".
A document class for the Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance.
Class for articles for submission to Elsevier journals.
Elsevier updated templates.
Produce output similar to that of APJ.
Macros for FAC journal.
style for Frontiers in Bioscience.
Collect figure captions for later printing.
A class to typeset La Gaceta de la RSME.
Template for the GAMM Archive for Students.
Articles for the journal Geophysics.
Bundle of classes for “La Gazette des Mathématiciens”.
A template for authors of the Hindawi journals.
Bib style for the journal 'Historische Zeitschrift'.
Bibliography style for "Human Nature" and "American Anthropologist".
IEEE Power Engineering Society Transactions.
Document class for IEEE Transactions journals and conferences.
International Journal of Control style.
Class for the Israel Journal of Mathematics.
style file for the Intl. J. Quantum Chem.
document class for the International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology.
Numeric citation style for IOP journals.
style for biology journals.
style file for J. Comp. Chem.
Class for JHEP.
Class files for the Journal of Machine Learning Research.
Document Class for Journal of the Physical Society of Japan.
style for Journal of Theoretical Biology.
style for Journal of Theoretical Biology.
Articles with teasers and continuation later on.
Typeset books for publication with Language Science Press.
Document class and bibliography style for Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS).
Macros for Springer books.
package extending Springer's llncs class.
2.09 style for LMS journals.
Official class for the “Lecture Notes in Informatics”.
Class for "Logic and Philosophy of Science".
Styles and examples for the MAPLE newsletter.
Class for the french journal “MATAPLI”.
Class for Mechanical Engineering Publications.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
Plain macros for MNRAS.
Michael Landy’s APA citation style.
style for Nucleic Acid Research.
Prepare papers for the journal Nature.
style for the journal Neuron.
Another APA citation mechanism.
Class for the NRC technical journals.
Support for the journal “North-Western European Journal of Mathematics”.
SPIE Optical Engineering and OE Letters manuscript template.
Macros for Optical Society of America Journals, etc.
Commands for Proceedings of the Workshop on Open-Source Design Automation.
A general template for journals published by Oxford University Press (OUP).
Versions of article class, tuned for scholarly publications.
style for the journal Perception.
Typesetting articles for "Philosophers' Imprint".
Typeset articles for Prac.
Macros for 'Progress of Theoretical Physics'.
Document class for submissions to the Quantum journal.
Typeset articles for the journal Res Philosophica.
Hacks to make writing quantum papers for revtex4-1 less painful.
Styles for various Physics Journals.
Styles for various Physics Journals (old version).
Styles for various Physics Journals.
style for use with RSC journals.
Typeset an SAE technical paper.
Format papers for the annual meeting of EEGS.
Typeset the German chess magazine “Die Schwalbe”.
Format a scientific paper for journal publication.
Provides cover page and affirmation at the end of a thesis.
A class for the Smart Factory and Energy Efficence magazine of the Tecnológico.
Automatically shortify titles of mathematical journals.
Styles for SIAM publications.
SIGGRAPH conference class.
Classes for Société mathématique de France publications.
Macros for Springer journals.
SAS(R) user group conference proceedings document class.
Support for Systems and Control Letters.
A class for the journal of Cervan.
APA (American Psychology Association) Reference Citation for .
macros for TUGboat articles.
Plain macros for TUGboat.
Bibliographic style file for Biomedical Journals.
Styles for economics working papers and journals.
style for Abteilung für Angewandte Informatik.
A style for the journal Zootaxa.
A full-featured macro package for producing books, journals, and manuals.
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