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This topic contains packages for table typesetting.

Extending the array and tabular environments.
New column types for array and tabular environments.
support for creating association matrices.
Generating tabulars from input data.
Big delimiters in tabular or array.
Struts for opening up tabular spacing.
Multi-page tables in Plain .
Tabulars that can split at page boundaries.
Extended array and tabular.
Heavier lines in tables.
Publication quality tables in .
Bordered tables.
Multipage tables with wide range of features.
Accept CSS-like selectors in tabular, array, ….
Ensure minimal spacing of table cells.
Cellular table construction.
Building tables one cell at a time.
Collect contents of a tabular cell as argument to a macro.
Shade cells of tables and halign.
Add colour to tables.
Flexible typesetting of table and figure floats using key/value directives.
Custom environments (MCQ, list with picked items, ...).
Align on the decimal point of numbers in tabular columns.
An easy way to create Decision Model and Notation decision tables.
Align columns on a decimal point.
Delimiters for arrays.
Table heads with diagonal lines.
An easier interface to insert figures, tables and other objects in .
A simple package for writing tables.
Typesetting financial tables.
Allows \caption at the beginning of a table-environment.
Python helper for creating tables.
Typeset grading schemes in tabular format.
Horizontal and columned lists.
Horizontal and vertical dashed lines in arrays and tabulars.
Re-usable table layouts separating content and presentation.
Typeset lists as tables.
Class schedules with colorful course blocks.
Provides a figure-like environment that break over pages.
Allow tables to flow over page boundaries.
Table package extensions.
Fix some caption problems in longtables.
Longtable and tabularx merge.
Programmable table interface for Lua.
Some useful Lua-based tabular tools.
Tabular column heads and multilined cells.
Convert Word or Excel tables to tabular structures.
A reimplementation of tabular and array environments.
Miscellaneous tools by Mark Wooding.
Create tabular cells spanning multiple rows.
Adaptable tables.
Read OpenDocument Spreadsheet documents as tables.
Optimality Theory tableaux in .
Tabular-like environments with named columns.
Page layout macros based on PSTricks packages.
Decimal-centered optionally rounded numbers in tabular.
Both column and row headings in a tabular cell.
Simplified tables for .
Spreadsheet features for tabular environments.
Simplified Plain tables.
Multipage tabular.
A multi-page tables package.
Preprocessor for tabular environments.
Permit footnotes in tables.
Tables without the need for a preamble.
Styles for tables with new commands.
Better vertical spacing in tables and arrays.
Flexible tabulars.
Remove excess space at left and right of tabular.
Calculate formulas in a tabular environment.
A variation on the tabular environment.
Tabular environments with height specified.
Tabular environments with key-value interface.
Typeset tabulars and arrays with 3.
Tabulars with adjustable-width columns.
Tabular with variable width columns balanced.
macros for typesetting complex tables.
Extra libraries for tabularray for caption and babel compatibility.
Tables with captions and notes all the same width.
Notes in longtables.
Extend longtable with cells that merge hierarchically.
French translation of the documentation of array.
French translation of the documentation of booktabs.
French translation of the documentation of dcolumn.
Vertical alignment of content inside table cells.
Vertical alignement of table cells.
Relative alignment of rows in numeric columns in tabulars.
Table macros for plain (and ).
Longtable support with possible X-column specifier.
Break tables across pages.
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