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This topic contains packages with chemistry document support.

Support for American Chemical Society journal submissions.
A set of Bib implementations of chemistry-related bibliography styles.
Simple atom representation according to the Bohr model.
Typeset chemical names, formulae, etc.
Carbohydrate molecules with chemfig.
Arrows for chemists.
Arrows for use in chemistry.
A collection of files for chemistry journals.
Simple consecutive numbering of chemical compounds.
Support for compound numbers in chemistry documents.
Creating (chemical) exercise sheets.
Draw molecules with easy syntax.
Command for typesetting chemical formulas and reactions.
Using the chemformula package with babel-russian settings.
Upright Greek letters in chemistry.
Various formats for journals in Chemistry.
A collection of macros to support typesetting chemistry documents.
A method for numbering chemical compounds.
Convert chemical structures from ChemDraw, MDL molfile or SMILES using Open Babel.
Symbology to draw chemical plants with TikZ.
Support for chemical schemes.
Typeset and cross-reference chemical schemes based on TikZ code.
Structural organic chemistry.
Writing chemistry with style.
Macros for typing chemical symbols.
Structural chemistry.
Correct index entries for chemical compounds.
Add index entries to document.
Commands for dimensionless numbers.
Provides properties of chemical elements.
Easy creation of potential energy curve diagrams.
Complex labelling with .
Globally harmonised system of chemical (etc) naming.
style file for J. Comp. Chem.
A program for automatic numbering of compounds in chemical publications.
Draw Lewis structures.
Draw chemical structure diagrams with .
Typeset chemical formulae/equations and H and P statements.
Drawing molecular orbital diagrams.
Convert chemical structures from MDL molfile format to chemfig source code.
Create reaction schemes with and chemfig.
Provides data about atomic nuclides for documents.
Typeset chemical formulae with .
Draw process flow diagrams in chemical engineering.
Create custom periodic tables of elements.
Fonts with the Plimsoll symbol and support.
Typeset chemical formula diagrams.
Draw laboratory equipment.
Draw objects for Chemistry laboratories.
A simple and fast way to typeset chemical reactions.
style for use with RSC journals.
Structural organic chemistry.
A database of chemicals.
Package for setting nucleotide and peptide alignments.
Annotated membrane protein topology plots.
Macros for multicomponent thermodynamics documents.
Atomic and molecular orbitals using TikZ.
German version of chemsym.
Typesetting chemical structures.
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