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corridx-obsolete – Add index entries to document

Cor­ridx is a pre­pro­ces­sor which stands be­tween your run and makein­dex. It cor­rects in­dex en­tries, in cases where the nat­u­ral way to ex­press an in­dex item is bad for in­dex sort­ing. So, for ex­am­ple, it can sim­ply trans­form an en­try \in­dex{1,2-ethane­diol} to \in­dex{ethane­diol@1,2-ethane­diol}, which will be sorted as you might hope, rather than in amongst the num­bers.

The pro­gram is dis­tributed as Pas­cal source, though a win32 ex­e­cutable is also avail­able; the doc­u­men­ta­tion shows how to in­te­grate it with winedt.

The pro­gram has now been su­per­seded by a pack­age which does the job on the fly.

Sources /obsolete/indexing/corridx
Ver­sion 2004-10-12
Li­cense Un­known Sta­tus, No In­for­ma­tion Avail­able
Main­tainer Jo­hannes K. Fink
Topics chem­istry doc­u­ment sup­port
in­dex sup­port
pack­age de­clared ob­so­lete

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (115.4k).

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