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process game diagrams, gamebooks, and other amusements.
real-time scheduling Gantt charts.
paper (simply) for communication, not necessarily for publication.
drawing bar- or pie-charts.
typesetting genealogical information.
generate from other sorts of sources.
change geometry of page layout.
temporarily adjust page layout.
support for typesetting Georgian.
support for typesetting German.
documentation in German.
glossary and nomenclature support.
graphics (support packages).
graphics with 3-dimensional output.
draw (parametric) curves.
documentation of techniques for using graphics.
‘driver’ for output from graphics ‘kernel’ packages.
graphics editor whose output is good for .
graphics generator whose output is good for use with .
converting graphics files from output or (E)PS to embeddable PDF.
graphics filling or tiling an area.
convert a foreign graphics format for use with .
graphics produced by one of the * engines.
include external graphics.
graphics inline for external processing.
manipulate graphics and/or related text.
motion graphics.
graphics generated using .
plot data.
plot a representation of a function.
prepare graphics for use with *.
generate parts of pictures.
support for other packages or for drivers.
create symbols, rather than select from a font.
text within graphics (drawn or overlaid).
graphics (typesetting actual pictures).
support for typesetting Greek.
documentation in Greek.
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