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Graph­ics use

This topic con­tains pack­ages for graph­ics (type­set­ting ac­tual pic­tures).

Com­mands for us­ing Asymp­tote fig­ures
Im­port graph­ics into Mac­in­tosh
In­cor­po­rate EPS files into doc­u­ments
Con­struc­tion plans in Cont
De­grad­ing JPEG im­ages in Cont
A font for die faces
Draw ex­e­cu­tion stacks
Sim­pli­fy­ing the use of com­mon fig­ures
A scal­able dice "font"
A font for in-text Feyn­man di­a­grams
Feyn­man di­a­grams in 2.09
Macros and fonts for cre­at­ing Feyn­man (and other) di­a­grams
Create a Flash slide show of dig­i­tal pho­tos
Type­set flip­book an­i­ma­tions, in the cor­ners of doc­u­ments
Ar­range text on a sheet to fold into a greet­ing card
For pro­duc­ing graph pa­per
Create an overview of pic­tures from a dig­i­tal cam­era or from other sources
Macros to in­sert pic­tures in para­graphs
Ex­ten­sion of plain for 3D graph­ics
A pack­age for easy fig­ure ar­range­ment
Pat­terns in
Ar­range for "plates" sec­tions of doc­u­ments
Visu­al­ize shares of to­tal amounts in the form of a (progress-)bar
A PSTricks pack­age for coils, etc
Print diffrac­tion pat­terns from var­i­ous aper­tures
Draw elec­tric field and equipo­ten­tial lines with PSTricks
Eu­clid­ian ge­om­e­try with PSTricks
Draw frac­tal sets us­ing PSTricks
PSTricks pack­age for plot­ting math­e­mat­i­cal func­tions
A PSTricks pack­age to draw ge­o­met­ric tools
Draw ob­jects for Chem­istry lab­o­ra­to­ries
Three di­men­sional light­ing ef­fects (PSTricks)
Images on a spher­i­cal mir­ror
Osc­gons with PSTricks
Draw sim­ple at­tach­ment sys­tems with PSTricks
Plot pul­leys, us­ing PSTricks
Civil en­gi­neer­ing di­a­grams, us­ing PSTricks
A PSTricks pack­age for rolling ve­hi­cles on graphs of math­e­mat­i­cal func­tions
Draw per­spec­tive views of three di­men­sional ob­jects
Marginal pic­tures
TikZ li­brary to draw switch­ing ar­chi­tec­tures
Create im­ages of dice with one, two, or three faces show­ing, us­ing
The tiff graph­ics pack­age
Co­or­di­nate trans­for­ma­tion styles for 3d plot­ting in TikZ
Add pic­ture to ti­tle page of a doc­u­ment
Tools for draw­ing Eu­clidean ge­om­e­try
Link nodes in math­e­mat­i­cal en­vi­ron­ments
Draw­ing TQFT di­a­grams with TikZ/PGF
PSTricks macros for draw­ing au­tomata
Visu­alise the vo­cal tract us­ing and PSTricks
Pro­pa­ganda and mind-numb­ing for cigarette ad­dicts
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