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Graph­ics EPS/PDF

This topic con­tains pack­ages for con­vert­ing graph­ics files from out­put or (E)PS to em­bed­dable PDF.

Con­ver­sion of graph­ics to pdf-com­pat­i­ble for­mats
Wrap­per for pst-pdf (with some ps­frag fea­tures)
Plain file for us­ing epsf.tex with (x)dvipdfmx
Con­verter for PostScript, EPS and PDF
On-the-fly con­ver­sion of EPS to PDF
Plat­form-spe­cific ex­tras for ep­spdf
ep­spdftk with GUI in­staller
Con­vert EPS to PDF us­ing Ghostscript
Call ep­stopdf "on the fly"
PDF graph­ics sup­port bun­dle
Use ps­frag with pdf
Use PostScript com­mands in­side a pdf doc­u­ment
A script to com­pile PSTricks doc­u­ments via pdf
Sup­port for ps­frag within pdf
Make PDF ver­sions of graph­ics by pro­cess­ing be­tween runs
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