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This topic contains packages with support for typesetting Greek.

Babel support for the Greek language and script.
Greek environment to be used with pdf only.
Insert ancient greek text coded in Beta Code.
Using Beccari’s fonts in betacode for classical Greek.
A style for Greek documents.
Complete set of Greek fonts.
A class for undergraduate theses at the University of Athens.
Hyphenation for Greek text.
Mathematics in Greek texts.
Enumerate with lower- or uppercase Greek letters.
Hyphenation for classical Greek, under .
Represent counters by letters of the Greek alphabet.
Provides ancient Greek day and month names, dates, etc.
LICR macros and encoding definition files for Greek.
Greek encoding support for inputenc.
Makeindex working with Greek.
Facilitates writing/editing of multiaccented greek.
Install Greek Type 1 fonts.
Ancient Greek (Athenian) numbers.
Typeset Greek text with Times New Roman Greek.
Typesetting Greek verbatim.
Typeset bibliographies which include Greek.
Hyphenation patterns for ancient and modern Greek.
Use the Ibycus 4 Greek font with Babel.
Fonts and macros to typeset ancient Greek.
Greek fonts and macros.
Simple fonts for Greek.
macros for using Silvio Levy's Greek fonts.
Use LGR-encoded fonts in math mode.
Obsolete package for Greek in text.
Use italic and upright greek letters with mathtime.
Philological typesetting of classical Greek.
A font family that extends URW Gothic L.
A font family that extends URW Bookman L.
A font that extends URW Nimbus Mono L.
Prepare from the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae.
Hyphenation for different variants of Greek, under .
Greek Language Support for XeLaTeX and Lua.
Greek fonts by Yannis Haralambous.
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