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This topic con­tains pack­ages with sup­port for type­set­ting Greek.

Ba­bel sup­port for doc­u­ments writ­ten in Greek.
Greek en­vi­ron­ment to be used with pdf only.
Insert an­cient greek text coded in Beta Code.
Us­ing Bec­cari's fonts in be­ta­code for clas­si­cal Greek.
A BibTeX style for Greek doc­u­ments.
Com­plete set of Greek fonts.
A class for un­der­grad­u­ate the­ses at the Univer­sity of Athens.
Hyphen­ation for Greek text.
Math­e­mat­ics in Greek texts.
Enu­mer­ate with lower- or up­per­case Greek let­ters.
Hyphen­ation for clas­si­cal Greek, un­der .
Rep­re­sent coun­ters by let­ters of the Greek al­pha­bet.
Pro­vides an­cient Greek day and month names, dates, etc.
LICR macros and en­cod­ing def­i­ni­tion files for Greek.
Greek en­cod­ing sup­port for in­pu­tenc.
Makein­dex work­ing with Greek.
Fa­cil­i­tates writ­ing/edit­ing of mul­ti­ac­cented greek.
In­stall Greek Type 1 fonts.
An­cient Greek (Athe­nian) num­bers.
Type­set Greek text with Times New Ro­man Greek.
Type­set­ting Greek ver­ba­tim.
Type­set bib­li­ogra­phies which in­clude Greek.
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for an­cient and mod­ern Greek.
Use the Iby­cus 4 Greek font with Ba­bel.
Fonts and macros to type­set an­cient Greek.
Greek fonts and macros.
Sim­ple fonts for Greek.
macros for us­ing Sil­vio Levy's Greek fonts.
Ob­so­lete pack­age for Greek in text.
Use italic and up­right greek let­ters with math­time.
Philo­log­i­cal type­set­ting of clas­si­cal Greek.
A font fam­ily that ex­tends URW Gothic L.
A font fam­ily that ex­tends URW Book­man L.
A font that ex­tends URW Nim­bus Mono L.
Pre­pare from the Th­e­saurus Lin­guae Grae­cae.
Hyphen­ation for dif­fer­ent vari­ants of Greek, un­der .
XeLaTeX pack­age for type­set­ting Greek lan­guage doc­u­ments (beta re­lease).
Greek fonts by Yan­nis Har­alam­bous.
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