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Topics C

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perform calculations within .
typeset calendars, diaries, planning charts, etc..
call external code and process the result.
typesetting captions.
typesetting ‘flash’ cards for teaching and learning.
cards for miscellaneous purposes.
map production and geographical data usage.
documentation in and support for typesetting Catalan.
typeset catalogue data.
support for (-alike) on the web, or feeding into other applications.
chemistry document support.
support for typesetting Cherokee.
support for typesetting Chinese languages.
documentation in Chinese languages.
chord notations, as for song books.
extract chunks of a document for separate processing.
support for typesetting Church Slavonic.
citations in footnotes.
citation support.
alternative class(es).
export features from a class for use elsewhere.
support for class (and package) development.
improve the appearance of code.
a collection of packages.
typesetting in colour.
control ’s behaviour during compilation.
typeset computer network concepts.
typeset computer-science related material.
support for preparing documents.
typeset theoretical computer science material.
compact output, typically multiple pages/sheet.
the document compilation process.
conditional typesetting.
typesetting conference proceedings.
macros of, or for use with, Cont.
documentation of Cont.
typesetting cooking recipes, etc.
support for typesetting coptic.
management of counters.
course material.
typeset badges, covers or labels for things (or people).
typeset scholarly editions of texts.
support for typesetting Croatian.
typeset material to do with crystallography.
Read, process and convert CSV data.
support for work with the CTAN archive.
curriculum vitae/Resumé.
generate HTML from -ish sources.
convert -ish sources to some other markup (than HTML).
crossword puzzle.
support languages written using Cyrillic alphabets.
support for typesetting Czech.
documentation in Czech.
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