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Con­vert other

This topic con­tains pack­ages to con­vert -ish sources to some other markup (than HTML).

Trans­late -based man­ual pages into Unix man for­mat.
Con­vert source to Braille with math in Nemeth.
Con­vert into Rich Text For­mat.
A con­ver­sion pro­gram from to Rich Text For­mat.
Re­place com­mands in a doc­u­ment by user-de­fined strings.
A Toolkit for Creat­ing Jan­i­form Data Doc­u­ments.
Gen­er­ate VMS help files from 2.09 source.
Con­verts to mail­able "ASCII art".
trans­la­tor, out­put for­mats in­clude RTF.
Con­vert / to MSWord.
Trans­late tex­info to troff.
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