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Topics B

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decorate/confuse text by adding a background.
support for typesetting Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia.
barcodes and other machine-readable tags.
support for typesetting Basque.
support for typesetting Belarusian.
support for typesetting Bengali.
place non-bibliography material in the bibliography.
Bib bibliography support.
bibliography processor.
support for manually-written bibliographies.
annotation styles.
documentation of , etc., on their own.
derive data from resources other than libraries.
collection of citations.
multiple bibliographies in a document.
style or style generator.
citation support.
utility for managing files.
support bidirectional typesettting.
typeset biological data.
support for documents in biomedical research.
control of blank pages in a document.
copies of examples from a published book.
preparing a book for publication.
source of a published book.
support for typesetting in Bosnian.
typeset botanical data.
breaking boxes over a page boundary, etc.
manipulating boxes.
creating boxes.
support for typesetting in Breton.
correct a problem, ahead of the “proper” fix.
support for typesetting and documentation in Bulgarian.
pack files up for distribution or archiving.
support for typesetting Burmese.
typeset material for Business Studies.
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