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Book publication

This topic contains packages to prepare a book for publication.

A "book" style for Addison-Wesley house style.
document class for AMS books.
An Arabic book class.
Class for book-type documents written in Basque.
Write your books in a colorful way.
A beautiful book template for maths and science.
A package designed to meet the publication of books and the production of templates, with elegant chapter.
Class for producing books for the publisher “Teubner Verlag”.
A class for typesetting books.
Extended book class.
A macro package for colour manipulation (using PostScript).
Write your articles or books in a colorful way.
Environment to place collating marks on the spine of a section.
classes and packages for Chinese typesetting.
Easily typesetting Chinese theses or books.
An Elegant Template for Books.
Extend the standard classes’ size options.
Horizontal flipping of pages with pdf.
Typesetting German juridical documents.
A bundle of versatile classes and packages.
Typeset books for publication with Language Science Press.
Typeset maps and blocks according to the Information Mapping® method.
A fresh cover and chapter design for books.
Make a Cookbook.
Typeset fiction, non-fiction and mathematical books.
A basis for books to be published by Mentis publishers.
Write your articles or books in a simple and clear way.
Macros for "Mathematical by Example".
Polish-oriented document classes.
Draw cropmarks on the output page.
class for No Starch Press.
Class for printing fiction, such as novels.
Typeset books following classical design and layout.
Notations for typesetting the “Principia Mathematica”.
Book Template for Qian Yuan Xue Fu.
Koma-Script ‘book’ class.
Support for use of memoir in Serbian.
Write your books in a simple and clear way.
Class for Springer books.
A document class for typesetting theses, books and articles.
Document classes inspired by the work of Edward Tufte.
templates for University of Graz Library Publishing Services.
Typeset only parts of a document, with complete indexes etc.
Easy basic book class, built on memoir.
Template for YB Branded Books.
A versatile book class.
A full-featured macro package for producing books, journals, and manuals.
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