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This topic contains packages containing a bibliography processor.

styles to implement an address database.
A -based replacement for .
A replacement for users of Bib.
Biber binaries for Cygwin on Windows.
Biber binaries for FreeBSD.
Biber binaries for Linux.
Biber binaries for Linux_aarch64.
Biber binaries for Linux-MUSL.
Biber binaries for MacOS.
A replacement for users of Bib (multiscript version).
Biber (multiscript) binaries for Linux.
Biber (multiscript) binaries for MacOS.
Biber (multiscript) binaries for Windows.
Biber binaries for Solaris.
Biber binaries for Windows.
A free bibliographic manager for Bib.
Sophisticated Bibliographies in .
Bib style for the International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology.
Sophisticated Bibliographies in (multiscript version).
Use op. cit. for the booktitle of a subentry.
Bib-style for the social sciences at HU Berlin.
References by “division” in classical sources.
Manages subseries with Bib.
Correction of some limitation of the citepages=omit option of Bib styles.
System for maintaining and presenting bibliographies.
Process bibliographies (bib files) for or other formats.
A fully 8-bit adaptation of 0.99.
An adaptation of 0.99 that supports Unicode via ICU.
Bibliography formatting with Citation Style Language.
Bibliography management tool.
Simple syntax for custom bibliographies.
Tools to create bibliographies in .
Converts amsrefs' .ltb bibliographical databases to format.
for the Macintosh.
Bibliography styles and miscellaneous files for p.
Documentation files for (u)p.
Convert between refer format and format.
A bibliographic preprocessor.
A simple bibliography processor.
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