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This topic contains packages for creating boxes.

Alert messages for .
Boxes and picture macros with Japanese vertical writing support.
Draw admonition blocks in your documents, illustrated with FontAwesome icons.
Creating colourful boxes with logos.
Boxes that may break across pages.
Framed minipages of a specified total width (text and frame combined).
Draw a box around a text.
An environment for boxing things.
Highlighted source code in a fancy box.
Collect and process macro arguments as boxes.
Boxes with crossed corners.
Macros to create simple tcolorbox with some customizations.
Draw dashed boxes.
Decorated text boxes using TikZ.
Extension of \fbox, with controllable frames and colours.
Create equal-widthed parboxes.
Variants of \fbox and other games with boxes.
Extended \fbox macro from standard .
Fit graphics on a page.
Framed boxes for Plain .
Framed or shaded regions that can break across pages.
Generalization of 's minipages.
Typeset ghab boxes in .
Read an argument into a box and execute the code afterwards.
Insert a graphical image as a background.
Draw framed boxes with standard CSS attributes that can break over multiple pages.
Round-cornered framed boxes.
macros for utilizing the roundrect routines.
Defines a \makebox* command.
Framed environments that can split at page boundaries.
A simple type of box for .
Minipages with marginal notes.
Multiple boxes and frames for the picture environment.
Elaborate box commands.
Collect horizontal material for contributing to a paragraph.
Round-cornered framed boxes.
Boxes with frames whose corners are rounded.
Two extra alignment options for \parbox.
A variable-width \parbox command.
A package for displaying Post-it notes.
Draw 3-dimensional framed boxes using PSTricks.
pynotebook presents (raw, Markdown or Python) codes (and execution with Lua) as in a Jupyter Notebook.
Variants of common box-commands that read their content as real box and not as macro argument.
Round boxes in .
macros for highly configurable rounded rectangles (optionally with text).
Set hbox in outer horizontal mode.
Assigning dimensions of a box to a length register.
Shade the background of any box.
Shade boxes using PostScript specials.
Insert 'terminal' or 'context menu' or 'viewers' like in an OS.
Box two chunks of text side-by side.
Save a tabbing environment in a box.
Coloured boxes, for examples and theorems, etc.
Simulate Win10, Ubuntu, and Mac terminals.
Typeset tram boxes in .
A variable-width minipage.
Deposit verbatim text in a box.
Rich boxed material for 3.
Saveboxes for repeating content without code replication, based on PDF Form XObjects.
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