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This topic contains packages with utility for managing files.

Generate a DVI file from a Bibliography file.
Command line application to convert .bib files to glossaries-extra.sty resource files.
to HTML/SQL/XML translator.
Convert Files into XHTML.
A bibliography builder for FileMaker Pro 7.
An XView based interface for databases.
A prettyprinter, verifier, etc.
bibliography manager for MS-Windows and MS-DOS.
Automatic extraction of references from databases.
Extract a file based on a .aux file.
Utilities to extract data.
Puts .bib file page ranges into uniform format.
Prints entries in your bib file that match search string.
support for HTML files.
Index files for fast searching.
A library editor.
Print a database.
Fast searching of files.
CGI interface to files.
Sort a bibliography file.
Manipulate database files.
A tool for manipulating files.
Bib management tools.
A collection of bibliography format convertors.
View files.
A visual manager for files.
Perl library for parsing and processing files.
Scripts for working with crossref.org.
database manager for GNU Emacs.
Organize figure databases with .
Graphical frontend to manage databases.
A file manager written in Java.
Managing citations in format.
Lists contents of files.
Tools for examining files.
file creator.
A file verification tool.
Command line utilities to check, sort, merge files.
A tool for managing bibliographic databases.
Graphical frontend to BibTool.
Bibliographic software supporting /.
Reference management tool for .
A portable editor and browser for files.
Create and search databases.
An X-Windows utility for adding to a database.
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