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Here you can request a new community account. We only ask for minimal information.

To avoid abuse an anonymous access is not allowed. We want to at least know who has provided some piece of information. For this purpose anyone can register a user account. The minimum requirement is the existence of a working email account.

After the registration has been submitted an acknowledge URL is sent via email to the email address entered. This ensures that the email is working – at least at this time.

The CTAN team reserves the right to lock out users who are misbehaving or for other reasons.

Community User Information
User name*
The account is a unique name for your login. You can change the other parameters but the account stays the same. The account is shown as name if everything else fails. There are nearly no restrictions on the account (Except the length and some forbidden characters). You can for instance use your full name or your email address as account name.
This is your real name. It is here at least for documentary purposes. We do not pass on your name if you don't want to.
Show name
Only if this flag is set your name will be visible on the portal.
This is your email address. At some occasions email is sent to this address. For instance the registration process includes a notification by email. We do not publish your email address if you don't want to.
Show email
Only if this flag is set your email address will be visible on
HTML email
Only if this flag is set you will receive HTML emails.
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