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This topic con­tains pack­ages with BibTeX ci­ta­tion sup­port.

Chicago Man­ual ci­ta­tions in
Add al­pha­bet­i­cal head­ers into ci­ta­tions
Ci­ta­tion style fol­low­ing the rules of the APA
Make hy­per-ref­er­ences back from bib­li­og­ra­phy to ci­ta­tion
Bi­b­li­o­graph­i­cal back ref­er­enc­ing
"Arts"-style bib­li­o­graph­i­cal in­for­ma­tion
Tighter tol­er­ances for bib­li­ogra­phies
Sim­ple macros for us­ing BibTeX with Plain
BibTeX Perl Li­braries
Bib man­age­ment tools
In­clude mul­ti­ple bib­li­ogra­phies in a doc­u­ment
Pre­fix ref­er­ences to bib­li­ogra­phies pro­duced by bibtopic
Mul­ti­ple bib­li­ogra­phies in one doc­u­ment
Pro­to­type work on fu­ture ci­ta­tion en­gine
Bi­b­li­og­ra­phy de­tails per chap­ter
Mul­ti­ple bib­li­ogra­phies in a doc­u­ment
Var­i­ous BibTeX for­mats for jour­nals in Chem­istry
Bi­b­li­og­ra­phy style for Chalmers Univer­sity of Tech­nol­ogy
Add ref­er­ence-page-list to bib­li­og­ra­phy-items
Mul­ti­ple the­bib­li­og­ra­phy en­vi­ron­ments
Print the bib­li­og­ra­phy in "draft" mode
Patch bib­li­ogra­phies in­ap­pro­pri­ately bro­ken by BibTeX
Re­place the har­vard pack­age with nat­bib
Har­vard ci­ta­tion pack­age for use with 2e
The Har­vard bib­li­og­ra­phy style fam­ily
Numeric ci­ta­tion style for IOP jour­nals
Ex­tended BibTeX ci­ta­tion sup­port for the hu­man­i­ties and le­gal texts
Ci­ta­tions of judge­ments and of­fi­cial doc­u­ments in (Ger­man) ju­ridi­cal doc­u­ments
Mul­ti­ple bib­li­ogra­phies
Mul­ti­ple bib­li­ogra­phies within one doc­u­ment
Mul­ti­ple ver­sions of a bib­li­og­ra­phy, with dif­fer­ent sort or­ders
Flex­i­ble bib­li­og­ra­phy sup­port
Mul­ti­ple ver­sions of a bib­li­og­ra­phy, with dif­fer­ent sort or­ders
Foot­note-style bib­li­o­graph­i­cal ref­er­ences
Print the con­tents of a bib­li­og­ra­phy
Show la­bel, ref, cite and bib keys
Show la­bel com­mands in the mar­gin
Print the tags of bib­li­og­ra­phy en­tries
French trans­la­tion of the doc­u­men­ta­tion of nat­bib
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