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support for package development.
markup for documenting package sources.
support for managing packages within documents.
support for other packages.
select pages to be output, etc..
page head- and foot-lines.
control sequence and typesettting of page numbers.
decorating paragraphs (lettrines, etc.).
parallel columns.
match and otherwise manage parentheses.
parser application.
non-standard paragraph shapes.
prepare a patent application.
access PDF features.
create pdf form fields, use form fields as an integral part of the package.
view, or control viewing of, PDF.
process PDF files.
support for typesetting Persian.
documentation in Persian.
macros in support of work with petri nets.
package uses PGF-TikZ.
support for typesetting philosophy.
support for phonetic notation.
support for typesetting physics documents.
support for typesetting Piedmontese.
extensions to Plain for higher-level constructs.
derive plain text from a document.
construct diagrams, etc., for planning.
support for typesetting Polish.
documentation in Polish.
support for typesetting Portuguese.
support for typesetting Brazilian Portuguese.
documentation in Portuguese.
typeset posters, etc..
developing version of new software.
construction of a document preamble.
fine-tuning details of output, for printing.
preprocesses source before using .
slides, beamers, handouts, etc..
application for viewing a typeset document on screen.
application for printing documents.
typeset reports, etc., of probability.
support for production printing, etc.
support for programming documentation.
-related project management.
typeset proofs and proof diagrams.
typeset proposals to funding bodies, etc.
manipulate the ‘\protect’ mechanism.
manipulate Postscript files.
view Postscript files.
typeset languages for expressing algorithms.
package using PStricks for graphical output.
support for typesetting texts relating to psychology.
press releases, etc.
prepare documents for a specific publisher.
problems and puzzles, and their solutions.
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