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This topic contains packages with support for typesetting physics documents.

Typeset an anti-particle in maths mode.
Feynman diagrams in a document.
Feynman diagrams in a document.
A Bib implementation of the AIP and APS bibliography style.
Draw pseudo-3D diagrams of Bloch spheres.
Simple atom representation according to the Bohr model.
Dirac bra-ket and set notations.
Physics lab reports for Carmel High School.
Style for the journal Condensed Matter Physics.
Commands for dimensionless numbers.
A font for in-text Feynman diagrams.
Feynman diagrams in 2.09.
Macros and fonts for creating Feynman (and other) diagrams.
A library for physics textbook illustrations.
A "convenience wrapper" for High Energy Physics packages.
An acronym extension for glossaries.
Generic macros for quantum physics.
Pre-defined high energy particle names.
Publications in High Energy Physics.
Macros for typesetting high energy physics particle names.
A class for academic reports, especially PhD theses.
A set of units useful in high energy physics applications.
A package for typesetting isotopes.
Document Class for Journal of the Physical Society of Japan.
Design kinematic chains and mechanisms.
Typeset linear operators as they appear in quantum theory or linear algebra.
Functions and objects for the computation of physical quantities.
Macros for introductory physics and astronomy.
Formulas frequently used in rigid body mechanics.
Maths macros from chair X of Würzburg University.
Class for the NRC technical journals.
Notation for nuclear isotopes.
Provides data about atomic nuclides for documents.
Optimizing workflow involving odes and pdes.
Using graphics from PAW.
Drawing interference patterns with PGF/TikZ.
Draw continuous or discrete spectra using PGF/TikZ.
Typeset extended abstracts for conferences, such as often encountered in quantum information theory.
Macros for typesetting Quantum Information Theory.
A collection of styles for physics journals.
Macros for commonly used physical constants.
The PHYSE format.
Macros supporting the Mathematics of Physics.
Macros for typesetting maths faster and more simply.
Macros for commonly used physical units.
Assorted macros for Physicists.
A format for physicists.
Draw elements of the diagram monoids.
Poor man ISO math for pdf users.
A format for physics papers.
A PSTricks package for coils, etc.
Drawing regular complex polytopes with PSTricks.
Print diffraction patterns from various apertures.
Draw graphical elements for Feynman diagrams.
Plotting a magnetic field with PSTricks.
Drawing optical experimental setups.
Drawing optics diagrams.
Plot pulleys, using PSTricks.
Support of signal processing-related disciplines.
Draw continuum, emission and absorption spectra with PSTricks.
Macros for 'Progress of Theoretical Physics'.
Commands for bras and kets and the like.
Document class for submissions to the Quantum journal.
Hacks to make writing quantum papers for revtex4-1 less painful.
Styles for various Physics Journals.
Styles for various Physics Journals (old version).
Styles for various Physics Journals.
Commands and document classes for German-speaking teachers of mathematics and physics.
A symbol for the shuffle product.
Drawing lenses and mirrors for optical diagrams.
Simpler Wick contractions.
Simple Wick contractions.
Put a slash through characters.
A TikZ command set for structural mechanics drawings.
A range of sub- and superscript commands.
Macros for SuperSymmetry-related work.
A font with symbols for use in physics texts.
Plain macros for Physicists.
Macros for multicomponent thermodynamics documents.
Feynman diagrams with TikZ.
Feynman diagrams with TikZ.
Spherical mirrors and lenses in TikZ.
A library for drawing optical setups with TikZ.
Produce oscilloscope “screen shots”.
TikZ library for typesetting electrical diagrams .
A document class for writing lab reports.
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