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This topic contains packages using PSTricks for graphical output.

Macros for Digital Signal Processing plots.
Draw existential graphs invented by Charles S. Peirce.
CAD oriented drawing program.
A PSTricks backend for Lua.
Support for PSTricks in pdf.
Use PSTricks in pdf.
Simple pie-charts with PSTricks.
Typeset go diagrams with PSTricks.
A PSTricks package for drawing 2D curves.
A PSTricks package for tilting and other pseudo-3D tricks.
Draw 3D objects in parallel projection, using PSTricks.
Put objects at an absolute position.
Simulation of modulation and demodulation.
A PSTricks related package which draws an antiprism.
Special arrows for PSTricks.
Typeset autosegmental representations for linguists.
Produces bar charts using PSTricks.
Print barcodes using PostScript.
Draw Bezier curves.
PSTricks package for "blurred" shadows.
Draw cubic Bspline curves and interpolations.
Plot calendars in "fancy" ways.
CIE color space.
PSTricks package for drawing electric circuits.
A PSTricks package for coils, etc.
Draw implicit functions using the “marching squares” algorithm.
Drawing regular complex polytopes with PSTricks.
Plotting dart boards.
Support for drawing ER diagrams.
Print diffraction patterns from various apertures.
A tool for PSTricks documentation.
Draw electric field and equipotential lines with PSTricks.
Create EPS files from PSTricks figures.
Euclidian geometry with PSTricks.
Bulgarian translation of the pst-eucl documentation.
Typeset PSTricks examples, with code.
Fill or tile areas with PSTricks.
Draw flags of countries using PSTricks.
Draw 3-dimensional framed boxes using PSTricks.
Draw fractal sets using PSTricks.
Draw "funny" objects with PSTricks.
PSTricks package for plotting mathematical functions.
Draw GANTT charts with PSTricks.
Geographical Projections.
A PSTricks package to draw geometric tools.
Three dimensional grids with PSTricks.
Filling with colour gradients, using PSTricks.
Curves with continuous colours.
Using PSTricks plotting capacities with infix expressions rather than RPN.
Compute intersections of arbitrary curves.
Typeset complex trees for linguists.
PSTricks package for displaying knots.
Page layout macros based on PSTricks packages.
Lenses with PSTricks.
Three dimensional lighting effects (PSTricks).
Create images based on a L-system.
Plotting a magnetic field with PSTricks.
A PSTricks package to draw marble-like patterns.
Enhancement of PostScript math operators to use with PSTricks.
Images on a spherical mirror.
A PSTricks package to draw moiré patterns.
Three dimensional objects using PSTricks.
Solving initial value problems for sets of Ordinary Differential Equations.
Drawing optical experimental setups.
Drawing optics diagrams.
Oscgons with PSTricks.
Create and manage graphical overlays.
Draw simple attachment systems with PSTricks.
Draw medical pedigrees using PSTricks.
Draw perspective views using PSTricks.
Platonic solids in PSTricks.
Plot data using PSTricks.
Drawing poker cards.
Polygons with PSTricks.
Plot pulleys, using PSTricks.
A collection of add-ons and bugfixes for PSTricks.
PostScript macros for .
Use of PSTricks in calculus lecture notes.
PSTricks examples.
PSTricks examples files of the 7th edition of the book PSTricks.
Examples from PSTricks book (English edition).
Place text over objects without obscuring background colors.
Draw three-dimensional ribbons.
Plotting sea shells.
Support of signal processing-related disciplines.
Sophisticated colour gradients.
Plot the solar system for a specific date.
Draw perspective views of 3D solids.
Draw a Soroban using PSTricks.
Draw continuum, emission and absorption spectra with PSTricks.
Drawing a fidget spinner.
Drawing hypotrochoids as with a spirograph.
PSTricks support functions.
Commands for “turtle operations”.
UML diagrams with PSTricks.
A PSTricks package for rolling vehicles on graphs of mathematical functions.
A PSTricks package for drawing Venn sets.
Place text over PSTricks objects without obscuring background colors.
Draw signal flow graphs.
UML diagrams in .
Visual help for PSTricks based on images with minimum text.
Visualise the vocal tract using and PSTricks.
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