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PDF fea­tures

This topic con­tains pack­ages to ac­cess PDF fea­tures.

Bet­ter ac­ces­si­bil­ity sup­port for PDF files.
Create a graph­ing wid­get in a PDF file.
The AeB Pro eEn­ve­lope Sys­tem.
Items from the AeB Pro Fam­ily of Soft­ware.
Add ad­vanced meta­data to PDF files.
Create text, stamp and file at­tach­ment an­no­ta­tions.
Sup­port for ar­ti­cle threads.
At­tach ar­bi­trary files to a PDF doc­u­ment.
At­tach files into PDF.
Create bar graphs us­ing form fields and JavaScript.
Spec­ify ver­sion and com­pres­sion level of out­put PDF files.
Make PDF files search­able and copy­able.
Sup­port for count­downs, and for clocks in any time­zone.
As­so­ciate a pop-up win­dow and tooltip with PDF hy­per­links.
Create a popup datepicker us­ing SWF.
Embed source files into the gen­er­ated PDF.
Embed files into PDF.
Ex­tract page mode and named des­ti­na­tions as PDF­mark from PDF.
In­clude a wide range of ma­te­rial in PDF tooltips.
Add sup­port for dvips+ps2pdf, XeLaTeX, dvipdfmx to the ocgx pack­age.
Ini­tial­ize form prop­er­ties us­ing big-en­dian en­cod­ing.
Ac­ces­si­bil­ity sup­port for glos­saries.
Add in­ter­ac­tive Bar­code fields to PDF forms.
Ex­ten­sive sup­port for hy­per­text in .
Embed XMP meta­data within a doc­u­ment.
Links to em­bed­ded files.
Insert doc­u­ment-level JavaScript in doc­u­ments.
Embed non-PDF files into PDF with hy­per­link.
In­clude CMap re­sources in PDF files from pdf.
PDF fea­tures across for­mats and en­gines.
PDF OCG sup­port in .
Ma­nip­u­late OCG lay­ers in PDF pre­sen­ta­tions.
Use OCGs within a PDF doc­u­ment with­out JavaScript.
Drop-in re­place­ment for ‘ocgx’ and ‘ocg-p’.
Set trans­parency and blend mode.
Ex­tract and rein­sert PDF an­no­ta­tions with pdf.
Re­store PDF 1.4 to a live 2010 for­mat.
A user-friendly in­ter­face to pdf an­no­ta­tions.
Al­lows the set­ting of pdf en­cryp­tion.
Gen­er­ate margin­par-equiv­a­lent PDF an­no­ta­tions.
A pack­age to re­move or sup­press pdf meta-data.
PDF/X and PDF/A sup­port for pdf, Lua and .
Create popup menus in PDF files.
Create QR codes us­ing stamps.
Con­trol how text gets copied from a PDF file.
Create rich text strings.
Create rich me­dia an­no­ta­tions in a PDF file.
Stor­ing in­for­ma­tion for reuse.
Or­ga­nize doc­u­ment columns into PDF “ar­ti­cle thread”.
Thumb­nails for pdf and dvips/ps2pdf.
Con­vert CJK char­ac­ters to Uni­code, in pdf.
Nat­bib ci­ta­tions with PDF tooltips.
Fake a reg­u­lar font for bold char­ac­ters.
In­clude eXten­si­ble Me­ta­data Plat­form data in pdf.
Save­boxes for re­peat­ing con­tent with­out code repli­ca­tion, based on PDF Form XOb­jects.
Play YouTube videos in a PDF.
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