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support for typesetting, or documentation in Danish.
visualisation of data sets.
importing data into documents.
manipulate data within .
prepare data for use within .
select data from sets in the file.
manipulate dates and/or times.
access database for document contents.
support for package or document debugging.
highlighting typeset material, fancy frames, watermarks, etc..
saving things for later use.
code that serves as examples of programming.
block diagrams.
circuit diagrams.
commutative diagrams.
control diagrams.
flow (and similar) diagrams, including Nassi-Shneiderman.
schematic details of laboratory work.
diagrams used in mathematics.
timing diagrams.
macros that support preparation of dictionaries, lexicons, etc.
typesetting dissertations, theses, etc..
components (or support) of distribution.
tools, etc., for “debugging” documents.
lists of errata in published books.
generate a document by collating other text.
support for keeping track of document development.
2.09 document style.
macros and tools for preparing documentation.
template to guide document development.
document development tools.
documentation of another package.
‘stand-alone’ documentation.
typeset scripts for plays, etc..
dummy text generator for tests and examples.
support for typesetting Dutch.
documentation in Dutch.
generate graphic bitmaps from DVI files.
convert DVI files to PDF.
preview DVI files.
convert DVI files for (direct) printing, etc..
DVI processor.
create and/or process text representation of a DVI file.
DVI output to plain text.
use dvips \special commands.
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