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De­bug supp

This topic con­tains pack­ages with sup­port for pack­age or doc­u­ment de­bug­ging.

A syn­tax checker and ti­dier
Check ci­ta­tion com­mands in a doc­u­ment
Warn when­ever a float is placed “to far away”
Check for prob­lems with la­bels in
Check for er­rors in doc­u­ments
Check used com­mands
Trace which file loads which
List names of la­bels in a doc­u­ment
Creates a list of all la­bels used through­out a doc­u­ment
Visual de­bug­ging with Lua
Ac­cess sys­tems' "magic num­bers"
Find mis­matches of paren­the­ses, braces, (an­gle) brack­ets, in texts
Pack­ages and im­age files for MWEs
Pro­vide links be­tween source and PDF
Manag­ing the op­tions and load­ing or­der of other pack­ages
Print lengths us­ing spec­i­fied units
Check ref­er­ences (in fig­ures, ta­ble, equa­tions, etc)
Dis­play the al­lo­ca­tion sta­tus of the reg­is­ters
In­for­ma­tion about reg­is­ter use
Vari­ants of \show for
Vari­ants on print­ing di­men­sions
Jump be­tween DVI and files
Sync out­put file parser
Run a doc­u­ment through for syn­tax check­ing
A (prim­i­tive) to­ken list ed­i­tor
A tool to val­i­date PS/PDF out­put from
Con­vert a source file into to­kens
Dis­play the def­i­ni­tions of com­mands
Ex­tract er­rors and warn­ings from logs
Find cross-ref­er­ences in a file
Util­ity pro­grams for use with
Print lengths in a va­ri­ety of units
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