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This topic contains packages for Bib bibliography support.

A citation-style which covers rules of the German Archaeological Institute.
Sophisticated Bibliographies in .
Bib style for Brazil's ABNT rules.
A tool to manage anonymous work with Bib.
Bib citation and reference style for APA.
A collection of Bib styles for German prehistory.
Bib citation style covers the citation and bibliography guidelines for art historians.
Author-year style with compact multiple-reference-citations and ibidem mechanism for Bib.
Harvard referencing style as recommended by the University of Bath Library.
Manage book edited in article.
Manage book edited in other entry type.
Bib citations for FU Berlin.
A simple citation style for Chinese users.
Bib/Biber ‘cheat sheet’.
A set of Bib implementations of chemistry-related bibliography styles.
Chicago style files for Bib.
A tool to manage claves of old litterature with Bib.
Humanities styles for Bib.
Bib style for the École nationale des chartes (Paris).
Extended Bib standard styles.
Bib styles for use in German humanities.
A Bib implementation of the GBT7714-2015 bibliography style for Chinese users.
Bib support for GOST standard bibliographies.
A Bib style.
IEEE style files for Bib.
Bib style for the International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology.
Bib style for ISO 690 standard.
Bib stylefiles for German legal literature.
Bib stylefiles for German law thesis.
LNI style for Bib.
Bib styles for social sciences.
Manage classical manuscripts with Bib.
MLA style files for Bib.
New names for standard Bib entry type.
Load multiple datamodels in Bib.
A Bib style for citations in musuos.cls.
Bib support for Nature.
Bib style for the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).
Citation style for the University of Nottingham.
Use op. cit. for the booktitle of a subentry.
Bib styles inspired by the Oxford Guide to Style.
Styles for using Bib for work in philosophy.
A Bib implementation of the AIP and APS bibliography style.
Bib bibliography support for publication lists.
Indicate the real author of a work.
Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) style files for Bib.
Bib implementation of the Science bibliography style.
Use short forms of fields with Bib.
Bib-style for the social sciences at HU Berlin.
References by “division” in classical sources.
Manages subseries with Bib.
Bibliography and citation styles following Swiss legal practice.
“Traditional” styles with Bib.
Correction of some limitation of the citepages=omit option of Bib styles.
A tool for manipulating files.
Cite all entries of a bbl created with Bib.
Document class and bibliographic style for French law.
Global Ecology and Biogeography Bib styles for the Biber backend.
Citations in a reader-friendly style.
Bib style for historians.
Bib style for the journal 'Historische Zeitschrift'.
Indices locorum citatorum.
Bib style for the Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities.
German translation of the User Guide of Bib.
Citation style for literary studies at the University of Wuppertal.
Citation style for linguistic studies at the University of Wuppertal.
A Chicago style for Bib.
Help with the choice of a Bib style and options.
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