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Cite support

This topic contains packages with citation support.

Index citations by author names.
Full bibliography entries in the main text of a document.
Ensure that multiple citations may break at line end.
Improved citation handling in .
Produce a citation list for the bibliography.
Cite classic works.
Collect blocks of references into a single reference.
Special commands for use in bibliographies.
Add emojis to citations.
Allow hyperref and natbib to work together.
Indices locorum citatorum.
Record the number of citations in a document.
Footnote-style citations for law journals.
Repeat entries in a Lua document body.
Display bibitem tags in the margins.
Multiple items in a single citation.
Enhanced multiple citations.
Prevent trouble from citations in table of contents, etc.
Compressed lists of superscript numerical citations.
Will turn a range of citations into something like [1..3].
Split and reorder your bibliography.
Use citation keys from a different document.
Natbib citations with PDF tooltips.
References to other documents.
Only one warning for an undefined citation.
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