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This topic contains packages to typesetting in colour.

Bidi-aware coloured contour around text.
Colors used to display amino acids, nucleotides, sugars or atoms in biochemistry.
Provides (x)colors of catppuccin theme.
Chroma: a reference book of colours.
Place contents into a full width colour strip.
A macro package for colour manipulation (using PostScript).
Colour control for documents.
Easy colorblind-safe typesetting.
Simple colour use in Plain .
Insert colored belts (vectorial format) in documents (to presetn skills, for example).
Colorful edits for multiple authors of a shared document.
Retrieve colour model and values for defined colours.
Define missing colors by their names.
Collection of free ICC profiles.
Simple colour-selection commands.
Color separation.
Provides PDF color spaces.
Shade cells of tables and halign.
Add colour to tables.
Colour facilities for use with .
Colours by wavelength of visible light.
Extend the color package colour space.
Print a coloured contour around text.
French version of colour definitions from xcolor.
Macros to create simple tcolorbox with some customizations.
Named colors for web-safe design.
General Dark Mode Support for -Documents.
Color palette and styling of ENS Paris-Saclay.
Decorate text with linear gradient colors.
Sample configuration files for color and graphics.
Implements colour for packages hyperref and bookmark.
Use color definitions from latexcolor.com.
Color support based on Lua’s node attributes.
Extend list of predefined colour names for .
Select colors with proper WCAG color contrast.
Changing \normalcolor.
Definitions from the Open Color library.
Interrogate page color.
Create palettes for colors and symbols that can be swapped in.
Macros for maintaining colour stacks under pdf.
Separate color stack for footnotes with pdf.
Improved colour support under pdf (legacy stub).
Fix colour problems in package 'parallel'.
Fix colour problems in package 'parcolumns'.
Support for CMYK and grayscale shadings in PGF/TikZ.
CIE color space.
Filling with colour gradients, using PSTricks.
Curves with continuous colours.
PostScript macros for .
Plotting sea shells.
Sophisticated colour gradients.
Tables of RGB colour parameters.
Spot colours for pdf.
Define SVG named colours.
Use colors from the Tango color palette.
Coloured boxes, for examples and theorems, etc.
Colour facilities for Sli.
University of Piura (UDEP) institutional and corporate colors for digital and electronic media.
The colour palette of The University of Western Australia.
Driver-independent color extensions for and pdf.
Defines the 256 colors from Google Material Color Palette.
Defines the 16 colors from Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized palette.
Support for color in XeLaTeX.
Support for colour in XeLaTeX.
Spot colours support for XeLaTeX.
Colour and graphics support for .
xkcd names of colors.
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