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Conditional compilation

This topic contains packages for conditional typesetting.

Provides an environment that may be conditionally included.
Selectively include/exclude portions of text.
A Python script to comment and uncomment lines.
Comment macros for use in Plain .
Define and manage conditional content.
Cache includegraphics calls.
Generate documents with and without answers by toggling a switch.
Compare a string against a set of other strings.
Conditional commands in documents.
Extra tests for \ifthenelse.
Securely redact sensitive information using Lua.
Externalization of graphics and memoization of compilation results in general.
Several versions of output from the same source.
Facilitate optional printing of parts of a document.
Convenient inline commenting in collaborative documents.
Multiple versions from the same content.
A tool for redacting sources.
Document configuration with tags.
Compile segments of documents.
Highlight text passages that need further work.
Conditionally include text.
Optionally omit pieces of text.
Allows selected environments to be included/excluded.
Extended conditional commands.
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