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Con­di­tional com­pi­la­tion

This topic con­tains pack­ages for con­di­tional type­set­ting.

Pro­vides an en­vi­ron­ment that may be con­di­tion­ally in­cluded
Selec­tively in­clude/ex­clude por­tions of text
A Python script to com­ment and un­com­ment lines
Com­ment macros for use in Plain
Con­di­tional com­mands in doc­u­ments
Ex­tra tests for \ifthenelse
Sev­eral ver­sions of out­put from the same source
Fa­cil­i­tate op­tional print­ing of parts of a doc­u­ment
Mul­ti­ple ver­sions from the same con­tent
A tool for redact­ing sources
Doc­u­ment con­fig­u­ra­tion with tags
Con­di­tion­ally in­clude text
Op­tion­ally omit pieces of text
Al­lows se­lected en­vi­ron­ments to be in­cluded/ex­cluded
Ex­tended con­di­tional com­mands
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