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This topic contains packages with macros of, or for use with, Cont.

The Cont macro package.
Annotate text blocks.
Collection of calendars based on the PocketDiary-module.
Environment to place collating marks on the spine of a section.
Data merging for automatic document creation.
Date driven lists or lists driven by date-intervals.
Show Cont layouts.
A personal organiser.
A Go system in Cont.
Simplified font usage for Cont.
A module for preparing presentations.
Sudokus for Cont.
Simple presentations using Cont.
Place document titles.
Something like Koma-Script typearea.
Small modules to load various fonts for use in Cont.
Cont support for URW Garamond font.
Cont support for URW Gothic.
Generate Cont syntax highlighting code from vim.
Visual display of Cont counters.
Smart typesetting of enumerated cross-references for various formats.
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