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This topic con­tains pack­ages to call ex­ter­nal code and pro­cess the re­sult.

Con­ver­sion of graph­ics to pdf-com­pat­i­ble for­mats
Pass ver­ba­tim con­tents through a com­piler and rein­cor­po­rate the re­sult­ing out­put
On-the-fly con­ver­sion of EPS to PDF
Call ep­stopdf "on the fly"
Pro­vides data about atomic nu­clides for doc­u­ments
Sup­port for PSTricks in pdf
Use PSTricks in pdf
De­fine macros in terms of Perl code
Embed Python code in
Run Python from within a doc­u­ment, type­set­ting the re­sults
Ac­cess to R anal­y­sis from within a doc­u­ment
Embed Sage code and plots into
In­clude sym­bolic com­pu­ta­tion (us­ing sympy) in doc­u­ments
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