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This topic contains packages to call external code and process the result.

Conversion of graphics to pdf-compatible formats.
Pass verbatim contents through a compiler and reincorporate the resulting output .
On-the-fly conversion of EPS to PDF.
Call epstopdf "on the fly".
Create interactive figures in .
Allow active Python code in documents.
Embed Mathematica code and plots into .
Provides data about atomic nuclides for documents.
Support for PSTricks in pdf.
Use PSTricks in pdf.
Define macros in terms of Perl code.
Execute Python code on the fly in your documents.
pynotebook presents (raw, Markdown or Python) codes (and execution with Lua) as in a Jupyter Notebook.
Embed Python code in .
Library to run Python code.
Run Python from within a document, typesetting the results.
Access to R analysis from within a document.
Execute foreign source code and embed the result in the pdf file.
Embed Sage code and plots into .
Work with SymPy and PyLua.
Include symbolic computation (using sympy) in documents.
A companion to the “texsurgery” python project.
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