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This topic contains packages with support for typesetting Chinese languages.

A simple citation style for Chinese users.
A Bib implementation of the GBT7714-2015 bibliography style for Chinese users.
CJK language support.
Chinese/Japanese/Korean bitmap fonts.
Adjust locations and kerning of CJK punctuation marks.
Beamer Template for Chongqing University.
Thesis Template for Chongqing University.
classes and packages for Chinese typesetting.
An Elegant Template for Books.
Four basic fonts for Chinese typesetting.
thesis template for Fudan University.
Fix JFM (for *p).
implementation of China's bibliography style standard GB/T 7714-2015.
Exam class for Jinan University.
Herbarium specimen labels in Chinese.
pgfornament library for Chinese traditional motifs and patterns.
template for dissertations in Peking University.
Font maps and configuration tools for Japanese/Chinese/Korean fonts with (u)ptex.
Typeset a resume both in English and Chinese.
Thesis Template of Shandong University.
Four-Corner codes of Chinese characters.
Coursework template for Tsinghua University.
Thesis template for Tsinghua University.
Thesis class for UESTC.
Unicode version of p.
Supplementary Chinese kinsoku for Unicode *p.
Support for CJK documents in XeLaTeX.
Automatically add pinyin to Chinese characters.
XTU thesis template.
Yi (Southern Chinese) support.
Line spacing for CJK documents.
Chinese dummy text.
Makeindex replacement for Chinese users.
Simplify configuration of CJK installations for Chinese.
TFM subfont files for using Chinese fonts in 8-bit .
Chinese font metrics for up.
Typeset Chinese representations of numbers.
Spacing for mixed CJK-English documents in .
Fallback CJK font support for xeCJK.
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