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Graphics prep

This topic contains packages to prepare graphics for use with *.

Advanced PS, PDF, EPS converter.
Use syntax on EPS figures, within Mathematica.
Calculate and print bounding box.
Convert bitmaps to "sprites".
Convert bitmaps to PK fonts.
Converter from PNG/JPEG/Tgb81AIFF/NetPBM to EPS.
Convert bitmap files to PS/EPS/PDF.
Convert document fragments into graphics.
Compression tools for PostScript.
Degrade JPEG images on the fly, prior to inclusion.
A Win32 GUI EPS to PDF convertor.
Include EPS in figures.
Include EPS figures in .
Convert .fig files to vector graphics.
Convert xfig figures with embedded commands to EPS.
Vector graphics application with support for flowfram.sty.
Using psfrag with pdf.
Generate picture environments from PostScript output of drawing programs.
Freely available PostScript interpreter.
HP GL converter.
Convert JFlap file into a file depicting the automaton using TikZ.
JPEG to PostScript converter for OS/2.
A graphical editor generating commands.
Convert "Macintosh PostScript" for use with .
A Perl filter program for use with PiCTeX.
Conversion between Frame Maker and Xfig.
A convertor from output to Encapsulated PostScript.
OLE - interface.
Drawing program with EPS output.
Using graphics from PAW.
Translate PBM format to .
Support software for downscaling graphics to be included by pdf.
PNG to PDF converter.
Interactive editor and macro support for prerequisite charts.
Correct the bounding box of a PostScript file.
Use psfrag and to label an eps file.
Extract images from PostScript files.
Create EPS files from PSTricks figures.
Translate PostScript and PDF to other formats.
DOS graphics program.
Convert bitmap formats to compact PS/PDF.
How to include an SVG image in using Inkscape.
Win32 drawing package for mathematical diagrams.
Create drawings for .
Three-dimensional drawing with output.
A PostScript program for converting TIFF files to EPS.
Generate picture environments.
Use tpic commands in pdf.
A drawing tool for Windows.
Transform xfig pictures into many other formats.
Support for the ancient \emline macro.
Windows metafile conversion.
Windows metafile conversion.
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