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Graph­ics in­line

This topic con­tains pack­ages for graph­ics in­line for ex­ter­nal pro­cess­ing.

In­clu­sion of Gnu­plot graphs in Cont
Use dot code in
En­cap­su­late Gnu­plot sources in doc­u­ments
"En­cap­su­late" fig­ures in a doc­u­ment
Pack­age to en­cap­su­late Sketch files in sources
Au­to­matic pro­cess­ing of feynmp graph­ics
In­clude Func­tional in
Embed Gnu­plot com­mands in doc­u­ments
Write graphviz (dot+neato) in­line in doc­u­ments
In­cor­po­rate pic­tures in source
Pro­cess and dis­play fig­ures in­line
Embed fig­ures within doc­u­ments
Embed Sage code and plots into
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