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This topic con­tains pack­ages with , ma­te­rial sup­port­ing it, and pack­ages re­quir­ing it.

An Arab-like in­ter­face for XeLaTeX
Bidi­rec­tional type­set­ting in plain and , us­ing
Bidi-aware shipout macros
Ex­per­i­men­tal bidi-aware text high­light­ing
Bidi-aware page grid in back­ground
Bidi-aware shadow text
Gen­er­ate an in­voice
Macros to change text and math­e­mat­ics fonts in plain
Ad­vanced font se­lec­tion in XeLaTeX and Lua
A pre-pro­ces­sor for files to sup­ports uni­code bidi­rec­tional al­go­rithm
Manag­ing char­ac­ter class schemes in
Tables of rel­a­tive po­si­tions of curves and asymp­totes or tan­gents in Ara­bic doc­u­ments
PostScript macros for
pst-shell: plot­ting sea shells
A ‘lip­sum’ for Per­sian
An easy way to type­set any part of The Holy Qu­ran
A tem­plate for the Univer­sity of Tabriz
Font ac­tions in ac­cord­ing to what is be­ing pro­cessed
Uni­code math­e­mat­ics sup­port for and Lua
Sup­port for CJK doc­u­ments in XeLaTeX
Sup­port for color in XeLaTeX
Sup­port for colour in XeLaTeX
Us­ing Cyril­lic lan­guages in
Au­to­matic in­dex gen­er­a­tion for XeLaTeX
Per­sian for , us­ing
A string finder for
Colour and graph­ics sup­port for
in­put map for Uni­code De­vana­gari
Re­port font fea­tures in
Hyphen­ation for dif­fer­ent vari­ants of Greek, un­der
Type­set Korean with
Run­ning PSTricks un­der
Ref­er­ence doc­u­men­ta­tion of
in­put maps for Uni­code Ti­betan
XeLaTeX pack­age for type­set­ting Greek lan­guage doc­u­ments (beta re­lease)
“Ex­tras” for users of
Fall­back CJK font sup­port for xeCJK
Set up Ja­panese font fam­i­lies for XeLaTeX
Stan­dard con­form­ing type­set­ting of Ja­panese, for XeLaTeX
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