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This topic contains packages for computer code listing.

Typeset Algobox programs.
The algorithmic style you always wanted.
Simple conversion of C programs to .
Pass verbatim contents through a compiler and reincorporate the resulting output .
Highlighted source code in a fancy box.
Highlight code and demos with l3regex and lpeg.
Typeset Python, C and Pascal programs.
Typeset C programs.
Documentation support for C, Java and assembler code.
Typeset examples for courses.
Verbatim phrases and listings in .
Fixed-font code blocks formatted nicely.
Print Fortran programs.
Include files as graphics (.tex support for \includegraphics).
Converts source code to syntax highlighted or .
Syntax highlighting for .
Syntax-Highlighting of program code.
Documenting source code.
A replacement for 's verbatim package.
Demonstrate code with its resulting output.
Produce beautiful listings of source code with .
Produce formatted program listings.
Almost-verbatim list programs.
Typeset source code listings using .
Automated input of source.
Allow UTF-8 in listings input.
Add-on packages for listings: autogobble and line background.
Listings language driver for Bayesian modeling languages.
Use Fira Code font for listings.
Include Arduino or Processing code in documents.
Pretty-print Matlab source code.
Typeset document outline with metainfo.
Typeset method and variable declarations.
Pretty-print source.
Highlighted source code for .
Define your own verbatim-like environment.
Minimising markup for documenting packages.
Print a block of code, with unique index number.
Typeset informatic listings with LPEG of Lua.
Typeset programs, recognising keywords.
Typesetting programs and algorithms.
Typeset PSTricks examples, with code.
Use Pygments to format code listings in documents.
pynotebook presents (raw, Markdown or Python) codes (and execution with Lua) as in a Jupyter Notebook.
Highlighting of Python code, based on the listings package.
Typeset SAS or R code or output.
Prettyprinting SuperCollider source code.
Float environment to document the shell commands of a terminal session.
Typesetting source code.
A pretty-printer for Scheme code in documents.
Typeset Smalltalk program fragments.
Doc/docstrip for tcl.
Coloured boxes, for examples and theorems, etc.
Simulate Win10, Ubuntu, and Mac terminals.
Typeset program listings.
Using the Pygments highlighter in .
Produce beautiful program listings using plain .
Support tgrind in 2.09.
Pretty print C/C++/Java source code using .
Typesetting VDM in ASCII syntax.
VERBatim Automatic Splitting of External Files.
Syntax highlighting of source code in documents.
Include CWEB and/or Spidery WEB .
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