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Donald P. Story

Create a graphing widget in a PDF file
Memory games in
Sort sliced image into order
The Acro education bundle
JavaScript files used by acrotex and other packages
Establish a page layout for an on-screen (PDF) document
A drag-and-drop matching game with PDF files
The AeB Pro eEnvelope System
Create mini-tocs
Multi-line links with hyperref
Format PDF files for use on a smartphone
Items from the AeB Pro Family of Software
An image slicer
AeB Tiling Backgrounds
Add advanced metadata to PDF files
Create text, stamp and file attachment annotations
Support for article threads
Create bar graphs using form fields and JavaScript
Support for countdowns, and for clocks in any timezone
Create new key-value syntax
Create a popup datepicker using SWF
Creates captions to digital photos
Use the Acrobat JavaScript API
Create a "matching" game with a hidden message
Electronic flash cards
eForm support for the Acro bundle
Patches the endnotes package to create hypertext links to the correct anchors
Convert a quiz to one submitted to a server-side script
A stand-alone exam package
Match Biblical passages with verse references in a quiz
Add PIN security to the “Correct” button of a quiz created by exerquiz
Save exerquiz quizzes and resume
Environments for defining exercises and quizzes
Create an arithmetic flash card
Creates a DB of Bible verses from e-Sword, then fetches them on command
Set a rectangular destination and jump to it
Create a Flash slide show of digital photos
Initialize form properties using big-endian encoding
Insert a graphical image as a background
An extension of the graphicx package
Produce ‘gray hints’ to a variable text field
Creates icon appearances for form buttons
Insert document-level JavaScript in documents
A class to construct Jeopardy-like games
A simple package for including support files
Play YouTube videos in the default browser
Extract solutions from exercises and quizzes
Provides a simple workflow for creating custom stamps
Set transparency and blend mode
Create a DB (PDF) document for selecting content for inclusion in another documents
Create popup menus in PDF files
Create QR codes using stamps
Generate random integers, rational and decimal numbers
Randomise token strings
Multiple versions from the same content
Create rich text strings
Create rich media annotations in a PDF file
A fun demo of Acro eDucation Bundle facilities
Assessment based on Acro quizzes
Create tiles of a graphical file
Create a cross-document bookmark tree
Play YouTube videos in a PDF
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