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sup­port for prepar­ing e-books
ed­i­tor de­signed (or adapted) for use with
plug-ins for ed­i­tors, for bet­ter and Meta* sup­port
ed­i­tor’s marks, high­lights, etc.
en­sure con­sis­tency of us­age
sup­port of elec­tronic de­sign
em­pha­sis­ing text
code to em­u­late “other things”
con­ver­sion be­tween en­cod­ings
notes type­set at end doc­u­ment
(or -alike) type­set­ting en­gine
type­set­ting as­so­ci­ated with en­gi­neer­ing of what­ever sort
type­set­ting spe­cific to English
ex­am­ine the pro­gram­ming en­vi­ron­ment
short quo­ta­tion typ­i­cally as­so­ci­ated with the start of a chap­ter
con­trol of er­ror mes­sages
sup­port for type­set­ting Esperanto
course work es­says, as­sign­ments, etc.
sup­port for type­set­ting Es­to­nian
re­quires e-
ex­ams, quizzes, etc.
ex­e­cute ‘other types’ of lan­guage
ex­er­cises, prob­lems for so­lu­tion, etc.
of­fer of a fa­cil­ity that may never make its way to pro­duc­tion use
pack­age uses ex­per­i­men­tal 3
run an ex­ter­nal pro­gram from within a doc­u­ment
link to a ser­vice not on CTAN
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